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Wysong Dog Food

Just over three decades ago, Wysong dog food was created with the goal of creating holistic foods for dogs that are replete with all of the ingredients the carnivorous canine needs to thrive. Started by a veterinarian, Dr. Randy Wysong, these foods are specifically designed to closely mimic the diet our favorite carnivores would have eaten in the wild long before domestication occurred. Also, all Wysong foods are additive and preservative free and created from the freshest meats and most nutritious plant life.

Wysong's Wide Variety of Dog Food Products

Wysong creates a number of different types of foods for dogs including processed raw food that mimics the canine's natural diet in the wild. Their TNT line, or True Non-Thermal Processing, a proprietary process the company uses to create all of their raw foods, includes tasty treats, a wet food resembling canned food, and a kibble that is manufactured without going through the usual heating process which destroys the food's vital nutrients.

Wysong Archetype line

This line of products was designed to closely emulate a canine's natural diet and includes raw meats, bones, organs, nutrients from plants, and essential fatty acids. This line from Wysong dog food is also cold processed using their TNT technology to help retain as many nutrients as possible.

Wysong Holistic Choices

Wysong also creates a full line of holistic canned dog foods, including their Growth Formula intended for dogs who are growing or lactating, senior, which is chock full of essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids specifically formulated for aging dogs, and Maintenance, which is natural food made from whole ingredients intended for adult dogs of all breeds.

Wysong's Au Jus Canned Diets

This is a line of premium canned foods comprised of meat and organ meats. This genetically appropriate food for canines contains no artificial colors or preservatives as well as no grains, fillers, or synthetic ingredients. The varieties to choose from within the Au Jus line are beef, chicken, duck, rabbit, turkey, and venison.

Wysong Epigen

This is a new line of dog food on the market and it boasts the distinction of being the first and only dog kibble that is completely starch free. This patent pending formula contains more than 60% protein coming from sources such as organically grown chicken, chicken giblets, and eggs. The Epigen Fish Formula contains fish meal, pea protein, chicken fat, beet pulp, and plums while the venison formula contains venison meal, potato protein, chicken fat, apples, and beet pulp.

Wysong Optimal Performance

This dry kibble offers 40% protein for highly active dogs, Synorgon, which is a chicken based food including brown rice, and Anergen, a minimalistic formula containing lamb and brown rice that is ideal for dogs with common allergies.

Wysong Meatless and Vegan Products

Wysong also makes a meatless variety of dry kibble for dogs and the Vegan formula contains enzymes, probiotics, minerals, and vitamins and is intended to be used in conjunction with either a fresh meat source or a meat based food.

Three Most Popular Wysong Dog Food Products

The three most popular types of Wysong dog food based on ingredients, consumer opinion, and price include:

  • Canine Maintenance Formula - This costs about $38 for a 32-pound package consisting of four 8-pound bags
  • Wysong Growth Canine Diet - This formula is priced at roughly $40 for the 32-pound package
  • Wysong Anergen Canine Diet with Lamb and Rice - this costs around $43 for 32 pounds.

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