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Senior Dog Food

Senior dog food is intended for dogs who are considered to be advanced in age. All pet owners dream of having their precious animals stay healthy and live for as long as possible and feeding your dog the proper nutrition during all stages of their life will greatly contribute toward making that a reality. The exact age a dog is classified as a senior will depend on factors such as breed and weight. Small dogs usually don't show signs of aging until they are about 10 to 12 years old, while a much larger dog will begin showing their age around the age of eight. In general, a dog is technically a "senior" dog when they have reached the last third of their life expectancy.

Common Challenges for Senior Dogs

Obesity is one of the biggest health problems that older dogs will face. Naturally, as a dog ages it becomes less active, especially if it is dealing with common issues like arthritis and hip dysplasia. Because of this, it's important to feed senior dogs a formula with the proper amount of fat and protein. Some senior dogs may also have trouble digesting certain ingredients, so a gentler can help. Others need a food with a higher fiber content to help them pass waste a bit easier.

Just thirty years ago, a dog's lifespan was half of what it is today thanks to advances in veterinary medicine as well as ongoing knowledge about canine nutritional needs. Fortunately, it is not uncommon for dogs to live to be as old as 15 with the proper nutrition and veterinary care.

Three Top Brands

Three of the best brands of senior dog food based on important criteria such as consumer reviews, ingredients, and price include:

Blue Buffalo Longevity for Senior Dogs

This brand of food for senior dogs features a low caloric density to help with weight management, and contains nutrients that have been shown to help ward off diseases related to aging. Available in four, nine, or 24-pound bags, this food contains deboned whitefish, whole ground brown rice, menhaden fish meal, whole ground barley, and oatmeal as the first five ingredients.

Authority Senior Dog Food with Real Chicken

Specially made for dogs over the age of seven, this senior dog food comes in original and large breed formulas and is made with real chicken. Available in eight, 18, and 34-pound bags, Authority Senior contains chicken, chicken meal, brown rice, corn, and oat groats as the first five ingredients in both the original and large breed formula.

Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix Senior Dog Food

This product is formulated to support weight maintenance, hip and joint health and a healthy skin and coat. Available in six, 15, and 30-pound bag sizes, this food just for older dogs lists deboned chicken, oatmeal, ground barley, rye flour, and chicken meal as its first five ingredients.

Final Comments

Senior dogs definitely have more different nutritional requirements than younger, adult dogs and puppies not only because of aging, but because of certain health issues that tend to plague older dogs. Giving your senior dog a food that is intended for older dogs is one of the best things you can do to ease the aging process and help to keep your pet happy and healthy.

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