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Science Diet Dog Food

Ever since Science Diet dog food came into existence a little less than half a century ago, Hills Pet foods, Inc. has been considered to be one of the pioneers of feeding your dog real meat, fruit, vegetables, and proteins all put together in a scientific and healthy diet formula. They are also known for their huge variety of choices.

Dogs thrive on natural products in Science Diet's formulas such as Nature's Best Adult Lamb and Brown Rice, Lamb Meal and Rice Recipe, Small Bites Adult, Sensitive Stomach Adult, Light Adult Small Bites, and Senior Entree Canned food. In addition to normal food, Science Diet also has a product for your dog's oral health. It's regarded by many as the best natural oral care product on the market today.

Best Reviewed Products

Here are three of Science Diet's best reviewed formulas, per consumer reviews:

Nature's Best Adult Lamb and Brown Rice

This formula gives your dog its daily quota of meat and it provides carbohydrates in the form of brown rice. It is an excellent food combination for dogs, especially since there are no products that contain gluten in this recipe. It costs around $16 for 5 pounds.

Lamb Meal and Rice Recipe

In the same way that this is a delicious combination for humans, it's an even more delicious combination for dogs. You can buy 5 pounds of this formula for around $16.

Small Bites Adult Dog Food

These are bite sized, healthy and delicious pieces for your little dog, to keep it fighting fit. They are easily available, and priced at around $11 for 5 pounds.

Final Comments

You'll be pleasantly surprised at the price of Science Diet dog food compared to other brands. Solid, good food combined with reasonable prices are the main reasons why people have been sticking with this particular company for their pet food through generations. You won't find an overload of extra vitamins in their formulas, but you will find good nutrition.

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