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Red Barn Dog Food

Red Barn dog food features high-quality products which are meat-based and preserved naturally. Founded in 1994, the company's product-line was developed with the guidance of nutritional experts. Its products are processed at a 200-thousand square-foot facility which is located in Great Bend, Kansas.

These premium products feature hand-selected, top-quality meats and wholesome grains. They contain no corn, beet or soy pulp. More than half the ingredients are fresh meats, which are naturally high in protein.

Red Barn Dog Food at a Glance

The meal varieties include chicken and liver, wheat-free lamb and rice, and beef. Each meal is distributed in an innovative, convenient, easy-to-serve, rolled-form. The food is cooked in its casings, which tends to preserve and enhance natural flavors, while retaining nutrients.

The canine meal rolls are prepared and packaged with no oxygen, so they will remain fresh at room temperature. They are not processed with artificial preservatives. However, as with other fresh meat products, after the rolls are opened and sliced, the remainder should be kept refrigerated until ready to consume.

These meal rolls are very versatile, and appeal to even the most finicky eaters. They can be served as balanced meals by themselves, or as protein enhancers that are mixed with dry food. Since the rolls are very popular with dogs, they can also be cut into small bits to share as tasty treats, training motivators and medication conduits (medicine can effectively be concealed inside).

After developing an exceptional line of meals, the company expanded its product-line to include healthy and tasty canine treats. The staff of knowledgeable food scientists continues to guide the development of additional high-quality, nutritionally-balanced items.

Today, the company's array of canine products is extensive. In addition to rolled meals, it includes filled natural bones, pig ears, porky slices, filled natural hooves and chicken jerky. Also, cookies, biscuits, natural bones, rawhide, and bully sticks are produced.

The bully sticks are made from natural beef muscles which are slowly roasted in their own juices. They are very palatable, and become chewy when they're wet. They help keep teeth clean and healthy, while providing many hours of enjoyment.

The line of deli products includes chew-a-bulls, deli stix and barn burgers. The 100 percent digestible chew-a-bulls are bully sticks coated with a liver glaze. They are soy, wheat and gluten-free. Deli stix are six-inch rods made from a mixture of meats. Barn burgers are meaty discs which feature a tasty cheese topping.

Most Popular Products

The rolls, bully sticks and burgers are among the most popular items. Their prices vary widely. Small beef rolls generally start at $27 for a box of 15. The small rolls weigh 10.5-ounces. Barn burgers are sold in flavor-saving jars. A jar of 50 cheesy barn burgers costs around $54. Bully Sticks are sold in packages of 25, 35, 50 and 65. Their prices start around $100.

As with all the company's products, the ingredients in these three popular items are completely natural and fully digestible. No fillers or artificial preservatives are incorporated. As a result, these products are very nutritionally balanced, as well as delicious.

The exceptional quality of Red Barn dog food has made it a top brand. These products are available online, as well as from some local shops. More details are available on the web.

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