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Raw Dog Food

A raw dog food diet is really nothing more than the food a dog would consume if it still lived in the wild and had never become domesticated. This type of dog food contains high quality ingredients from a variety of sources.

Many websites offer tips about how to make homemade raw food. Even though many diehard raw pet food fans prefer going the homemade route, this can be a messy, time consuming, and frustrating process, especially if you run a kennel or have several dogs to feed. For the majority of people, pre-made raw dog food is the best plan for their dog's nutritional needs.

Advantages Of Raw Dog Food

Many people may feel a bit squeamish about feeding their pet an all raw food diet. Some are even under the impression that it will somehow reawaken a primitive side to their dog. Rest assured this is not the case; just because humans have domesticated these formerly wild animals does not mean that the diet requirements of the animals have changed.

Raw dog food is generally a blend of different types of meat; if you make your own then it will be whatever meats are available at your local grocer or meat market. Dry processed dog foods contain things like corn, soybeans, and wheat that are cooked at high temperatures. These are things a dog would never consume in the wild raw, much less cooked. In fact, there is some evidence that these products are responsible for allergies in dogs. The bottom line is that grains are not biologically ideal for pets.

3 Popular Brands

  • Paw Naturaw
  • Paw Naturaw organic chicken diet is one of the most popular brands available. They offer a box of frozen 12-ounce rolls of raw dog food that will run you around $35. Each roll of raw food includes, among other ingredients: organic chicken, organic wheat grass, organic sweet potato, organic flax seed, a variety of organic vegetables, organic cranberry, and several vitamins and minerals.

    Perhaps the most difficult part of feeding your dog raw food is getting a good balance of nutrients. As you can see by the involved list above there has been very little left to chance. This company even provides necessary vitamins and minerals in its raw food diet.

    If there were any disadvantages to this particular brand, it would be pricing. The company suggests a diet equaling five ounces of raw food per ten pounds of body weight per day. If you are feeding a small dog, the cost is minimal. However, if you are feeding a rather large dog or several dogs, the price could quickly become unmanageable.

  • Steve's Real Food For Pets
  • This is another popular brand of raw food available in the United States mainly through online retailers. There is a wide variety of pet foods available from this producer and one of the best is Steve Real Food Chicken For Dogs. You can purchase these as frozen or freeze dried meals and they all include:

  • - 100% hormone-free, antibiotic-free, raw meats such as chicken, beef, turkey, and duck that are human-edible
  • - Pesticide-free fresh fruits and vegetables
  • - Vitamin E and anchovy oil, flaxseed oil, and sardine oil (this provides Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids).
  • - Sea salts and kelp provide trace minerals
  • For 7 ounces of freeze dried food you can expect to pay around $15 on Amazon and similar sites. As with the above-mentioned raw food, price is the biggest drawback. The company site recommends roughly a third of a cup of feed for a four-pound dog. That means you will be going through a 7-ounce package every three days! This is very expensive, even among raw food makers.

  • Stella and Chewy's
  • Stella and Chewy's is third on the list of popular raw foods. The creator of Stella and Chewy's was a dog lover who had adopted an abused and neglected dog from the local shelter. To get him back on his feet she began experimenting with a raw food diet that she prepared herself. The results were amazing, Chewy quickly regained strength and vitality. However, as often happens, the owner soon had to get back to the real world and had less time to create the food, so she looked for a retailer who sold raw dog food. When none was available locally, the Stella and Chewy's line of raw food was born. Ingredients include, among other things: beef, organic fruits and vegetables, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, vitamin E supplement, vitamin D3 supplement, biotin, and potassium iodide.

    Stella and Chewy's comes in a variety of sizes, however you can get a 16 oz package of frozen patties for $25.99. The recommended feeding of this product is 3 patties per 10 pounds of body weight, again making this a more expensive choice.

Final Comments

Raw dog food has many merits; it gives dogs back much of what they have been missing in the processed foods developed commercially. A raw diet can give your dog health and vitality without the worry of contaminated products. If you decide to use this type of diet, remember to keep the preparation area clean and wash your hands afterwards; raw meat is fine for pets, but not so much for humans.

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