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The Benefits Of A Raw Dog Food Diet

There are many reasons for putting your pet on a raw dog food diet, but the main reason is that raw dog food more closely resembles the kind of food your dog would eat if it were still in the wild.

Dogs, by nature are carnivores and they are designed to eat raw fresh foods. This is what they subsist on in the wild, much as their anscestors, the wolves eat. Their teeth are designed for the meat and bone diets of wolves.

A raw dog food diet should include such things as the best natural, uncooked foods that consist of both plant matter and meat proteins. For instance, there should be vegetable materials and such things as organ meats, fat, bone, and muscle meat as well.

Many experts advise that dogs that are prone to food allergies be fed raw dog food. This is because many dogs have digestive problems with some grains. Unfortunately most dog foods contain less than wholesome types of grains. Some are also known to contain molds or storage mites, which are known to create allergic reactions. Certain dog foods may also contain corn gluten meal, which is a very low quality protein that is actually a waste product derived from the human food industry. Dogs with any medical problems will fare much better with a higher protein and lower carbohydrate dog food, which is what a raw dog food diet provides. There are a great number of raw dog food makers, as the use of raw food diets grows steadily, urged on by many veterinarians who are encouraging pet owners to feed their pets better foods.

One very well regarded raw dog food brand is Bravo. Their foods are not only naturally fed, but also hormone and antibiotic free. They put such a strong emphasis on quality control that they actually pass USDA human standards for processing. Therefore their dog food is rated good enough for human consumption! Primal Pet Foods and Orijen also have similar product lines.

Final Comments

If you wish to make your own raw dog food, you will find your local butcher very handy. Ask for discounted cuts that they don't need anymore. You might also like Rock Farm Natural Beef Company in New Hampshire. They provide livers, bones, tongues, and hearts for raw dog food at $1 per pound.

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