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Purina Dog Food

For more than eight decades the Purina dog food brand, now made by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company, has been providing pet owners with a multitude of different nutritional products to choose from ranging from various puppy foods to adult and senior formulas.

But long before that, the Purina story first began with the founder of the Ralston Purina Company, William H. Danforth, who first produced feed for farm animals back in 1893.

Company Background

After manufacturing human cereals for many years, the company officially adopted the Ralston Purina name along with the familiar red and white checkerboard design in the early 1900's. A few decades later, after much development and testing, Purina Dog Chow made its debut in 1957 and one short year later becomes the leading dry dog food in the United States with such great popularity that rationing was needed to keep up with steadily increasing demand.

Nearly another half century later, Ralston Purina merged with Nestle to create the Nestle Purina PetCare Company as we know it today, which produces not only dog foods, but treats, cat food, cat litter, and puppy training pads. The Purina company continues to maintain that nutrition is one of the most vital aspects of a dog's overall health and strives to create nutritious foods that address important issues like heart health, weight issues, and a healthy coat, bones, and joints.

Purina Products At A Glance

  • For Puppies
  • Purina makes Pro Plan Puppy Food, containing real meat, and Purina Puppy Chow, also available in a large breed formula.

  • For Senior Dogs
  • Purina dog food products include Purina Dog Chow Senior 7+ which is specially formulated for dogs over the age of seven, and also the Purina One brand, suitable for puppies, adults, and seniors.

  • Targeted Nutrition
  • In terms of targeted nutrition dog foods, Purina has several choices to choose from, such as their Veterinary Diets formula, which is only available through a licensed veterinarian, and the Beneful brand, which comes in five different varieties and contains ingredients such as whole grains, chicken, beef, and salmon.

    Another specialty product is Purina One Sensitive Systems, containing easily digestible rice, vitamin E for a healthier coat and skin along with several antioxidants for immune health. There's also the Fit and Trim Healthy Weight Purina dog food for adults who may need to lose a few pounds in order to meet their ideal weight for their breed and age.

    Allowing a dog, especially an adult or senior dog, to become overweight greatly increases their chances of developing joint problems and other health complications, making it imperative to see that your pet is being fed and exercised properly.

Popular Purina Dog Food Products

Three of the most popular Purina dog food products, per consumer reviews are:

  • Purina One Lamb and Rice Formula
  • This choice contains real lamb for protein and heart health as well as digestible rice for energy. It also contains antioxidants, omega fatty acids, and vitamin E.

    Overall, consumers report noticing an increase in energy and a softer, smoother coat after feeding their dogs the food for at least one month. Another perk noticed by consumers is that Purina One Lamb and Rice Formula is reasonably priced - it sells for around $22 for an 18-pound bag.

  • Purina One Natural Blends Chicken and Oatmeal Formula
  • With natural preservatives and no artificial colors or added fillers, Purina One Natural Blends score high with dog owners who say they also like that the food contains sweet potatoes for antioxidants as well as omega fatty acids that come from natural sources.

    Although chicken is the first ingredient listed, which is an excellent source of protein and glucosamine, corn gluten meal is second, which gave pause to several pet owners who viewed it as an unnecessary filler, while others still praised the food and its relatively low price in comparison to other brands who use similar ingredients. Purina One Natural Blends Chicken and Oatmeal Formula sells for around $31 for a 17-pound bag.

  • Pro Plan Performance
  • This particular product from Purina consistently receives favorable reviews from pet owners. Many report having tried several other dry dog foods, including prescription varieties, for various problems only to find that Pro Plan Performance was the choice that brought about a noticeable change. They also enjoy the convenience of being able to feed this food to dogs of all stages of life who remain active.

    Sleek, lustrous coats, increased energy, weight maintenance, and solid stools are among the benefits noted by consumers. Pro Plan Performance by Purina sells for around $45 for a 37.5-pound bag of chicken and rice formula.

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