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Premium Dog Food

Premium dog food is a good option for dog owners who are serious about providing their pet superior nutrition.

It caters to all the nutritional requirements of your pet. It's a better option than most grocery store picks and other commercial dog foods, which often have more fillers than nutrients and low-grade meat.

Because premium dog food is nutritionally dense, dogs are often satisfied with a lesser quantity. This is a big advantage, since more and more pets are facing obesity related problems due to fattening fillers present in dog food. Most people have reported an increase in the overall well-being of their dogs when they switched to premium brands. One of its only disadvantages is that it's generally more expensive than other options.

3 Of The Most Popular Brands

  • Natural Balance Ultra Premium Dog Food
  • Natural Balance Ultra Premium has fresh vegetables like carrots and potatoes, along with chicken, duck, and lamb meal. It also has the right combination of nutrients like omega acids which help in maintaining a great skin and coat.

  • AKC Premium Training Treats
  • AKC Premium 4 oz. liver training treats have high vitamin and protein content and are made with real liver. It helps in maintaining the overall health of your dog.

  • Tiki Premium Canned Dog Food
  • Tiki Premium Canned food comes in 10 delicious flavors and has ingredients like tuna, brown rice, sweet potato, egg, and chicken.

Price Range Among These Brands

  • Natural Balance Ultra Premium: $9.99 for 80 oz
  • AKC premium 4 oz. liver training treats: $3.99 for 4 oz
  • Tiki Premium Canned Dog food: $3.45 for 14 oz

Final Comments

Though all three of these choices are good in terms of quality and nutrition, Natural Balance Ultra Premium tops the list with respect to the ingredients, price, and consumer reviews. Most customers prefer Natural Balance Ultra Premium since it provides a complete balanced nutrition for their dogs and has a good taste. Moreover, most customers have reported a significant improvement in their dogs overall health, coat, and skin after using Natural Balance Ultra Premium.

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