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Pinnacle Dog Food

Pinnacle dog food is manufactured by Breeder's Choice. Since the year 1947 Breeder's Choice has been creating dog and cat foods with a definitive holistic approach for the ultimate in canine health. Using only allergen-free, natural sources, Pinnacle dog foods contain the highest quality carbohydrates, fats, minerals, probiotics, proteins, and vitamins to ensure complete and balanced nutrition for dogs.

All of Pinnacle's dog food formulas are designed for dogs in all life stages including young puppies; however, some blends are rather high in protein so they may not be suitable for inactive, senior dogs.

Pinnacle Dog Food Products at a Glance

The Trout and Sweet Potato formula can be given to active puppies as well as adult dogs and features trout, oatmeal, herring meal, oat flour, canola oil as the first five ingredients. This product features limited ingredients for dogs with allergies to certain foods and costs around $52 for the 30-pound bag.

Pinnacle's Duck and Potato formula also includes quinoa as well as a combination of oats and flax seed and a variety of natural flavors. This blend is chock full of vitamins and features duck meal, potatoes, oatmeal, duck, and oat flour as the first five ingredients on the list. It is great for dogs with problems digesting regular kibble. It costs around $64 for the 30-pound size.

For a high protein, low carbohydrate, and grain free formula, you can choose Pinnacle's Peak Protein Grain Free dry dog food, which includes chicken as its main ingredient along with salmon oil and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coats. The first five ingredients in this formula are chicken meal, chicken, potatoes, chicken fat and tomato pomace. This costs around $63 for the 30-pound bag.

Final Comments

All of the Pinnacle formulas can be found in 7.5, 15, and 30-pound bags except the Peak Protein Grain Free blend which isn't available in the medium 15-pound size. Pinnacle also makes a Chicken and Oatmeal formula. Its first five ingredients are chicken meal, chicken, oatmeal, tomato pomace, and potatoes. This particular blend also includes quinoa, a natural source of complex carbohydrates to help give dogs more energy.

Don't forget the three different canned dog foods that Pinnacle makes - Chicken and Vegetable, Trout and Sweet Potato, and Duck and Potato formulas. Because all of Pinnacle's foods are allergen-free they are a definite choice to consider for dogs with sensitive systems or digestive issues. Pinnacle Holistic Pet Nutrition dog foods also receive rather positive reviews overall from pet owners and nutrition experts thanks to their usage of natural, quality ingredients that provide all of the essentials canines need to be at their healthiest.

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