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Organic Raw Dog Food

Organic raw dog food uses meats such as free-range beef, pork, and chicken that have not been treated with antibiotics or steroids.

There are no artificial dyes or colors, flavors, or fillers in these foods. Grains can sometimes cause allergic reactions and gastric problems in dogs due to the gluten. Organic raw food often uses natural oats, which are virtually gluten-free. The meats used are farm raised and naturally fed. Also, there are no hormones used on the animals providing the protein sources.

Popular Brands

The following is a list of three of the most popular organic raw dog food brands, per consumer reviews. The important thing to remember when choosing a food for your pet is the product's reputation, if it is recommended by your veterinarian, and the nutrition label.

Paw Naturaw Organic Chicken Diet

  • Absolutely no grains
  • 95% organic chicken
  • Includes organic fruits and vegetables
  • Price: around $40 for 12 12-ounce frozen tubes (9 pounds total)

Force Organic Raw Dog Food

  • Dehydrated raw food
  • Wheat and gluten free
  • Ideal for sensitive dogs
  • Price: around $76 for a 10-pound bag

Verve Organic Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

  • Balanced nutrition
  • 100% human grade ingredients
  • Price: around $57 for a 10-pound box.

Final Comments

As you can see, if you're on a tight budget, organic raw food may not be such a great choice. Also, you can see that you pay more for dehydrated dog food. If you have the extra freezer space, it might be worth it to go with frozen choices. If you're trying to save money, one good idea is to feed your dog the raw food occasionally as a supplement, using quality dry food as its primary source of nutrition.

American Feed Control Officials should have reviewed these products before they are marketed. The AFCO is similar to our USDA and FDA. They make sure the product isn't harmful to our pets and that the nutrition information that is advertised is correct. Talk to your veterinarian about what he or she recommends. They will know your dog's capabilities and needs in depth. This will help you make an informed decision.

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