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Why Organic Puppy Food Is A Good Choice

Many pet owners choose organic puppy food to aid their puppy in its growth and development.

Today there is a mind boggling selection of dog and puppy foods on the market, with more and more of them being labeled as all natural, holistic, or one hundred percent organic. There's no doubt that some pet food labels can be misleading, especially when looking for truly organic puppy food. This makes it all the more difficult for responsible pet owners to make sense of their many choices, all the while still knowing that they're giving their young dog the best food possible.

Your Puppy's Special Needs

Puppies have specific dietary needs that must be met in order for them to develop properly and continue to thrive as they grow and age. For this reason, puppies should not ever be fed adult dog food, organic or otherwise, as it does not contain the right balance of ingredients and nutrients. Also be aware that not all puppies grow at the same rate, making it important to base your pet's feeding schedule on their breed and size.

If possible, the best nutrients for a newborn puppy will come from its mother by nursing throughout the first eight weeks of life, and after that they should be fed food that is high in proteins, calories, and quality ingredients, such as those found in organic puppy food.

For food to be labeled as organic there are certain criteria that must be met, which actually helps pet owners to decide if the product is really something they want to be giving their puppy. The term "made with organic ingredients" indicates that food is made with at least seventy percent organic materials while "organic" means the product contains at least ninety-five percent organic ingredients.

Also look for the seal from the USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture, which will either be in black and white or color and stamped somewhere visible on the bag. You will also want to check for a statement by the AAFCO or The Association of American Feed Control Officials, which is an advisory board of regulators, as dog food manufacturers cannot use the words "complete" or "balanced" without passing their stringent guidelines.

The Benefits Of Organic Puppy Food

Some of the many benefits of organic puppy food include first and foremost the lack of chemicals and artificial preservatives, neither of which your dog would be eating in the wild when foraging, as his ancestors once had to do. Organic puppy foods also use superior sources of both grains and proteins, ensuring your dog is getting only the healthiest of ingredients.

Giving your puppy organic food also decreases the likelihood of digestive problems, helping it to maintain an ideal weight. It helps boost your puppy's natural immune system, keeping it at its absolute healthiest. Organic food also helps reduce skin ailments and helps to make your puppy's coat lustrous and manageable, as it should be.

One of the most popular brands of organic puppy food is Castor And Pollux Organix Puppy Formula, which is comprised of organic chicken, flax, barley, and brown rice, and contains no wheat or corn and absolutely no by-products. All of the organic ingredients used are pesticide free and have not been grown with synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones, or antibiotics.

Other organic brands with similar natural ingredients and manufacturing processes favored by puppy owners include Dick van Patten's Natural Balance, Wellness Just for Puppy Dry Food, Wenaewe Family of Organic Dry Foods, and Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan Family of Organic Dry Food.

We all want our puppies to grow up to be strong, healthy, happy dogs that will enjoy the longest life possible, and the entire foundation to facilitate this process begins with the proper nutrition.

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