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The Best Organic Dog Foods

The best organic dog foods contain the most organically raised vegetables and free range meats.

There are many organic choices on the market, and while they may be more expensive than regular brands, they represent a good way to make sure your pet is not ingesting pesticides and other chemicals. There are fewer brands to choose from in this category and they may be harder to get at dog food retailers, but you can get them easily on the internet and at most larger pet retail stores.

How Are Organic Dog Foods Different?

Just like organic human food, organic dog foods use the freshest ingredients and vegetables that are raised without chemical pesticides. They typically use free range chickens or grass fed beef as ingredients. Organic ingredients are more expensive, so the best organic brands are considered premium dog foods. There are some raw dog foods that fit into this category, and they are frozen fresh, with little processing.

3 Of The Best Organic Brands Per Consumer Reviews

Paw Naturaw Certified Organic Frozen Raw Food

  • This brand comes in four varieties - grass fed organic bison, organic beef, organic chicken, and organic turkey.
  • Price: You can get a pack of 12-twelve ounce tubes for around $35 or a total of 9 pounds
  • It's on the expensive side, but consumers like it because they feel it is as close to fresh meat as you can feed your dog, and they like the energy it seems to give to their pets.

Natural Balance Organic Dog Food

  • This brand is made exclusively from organic ingredients and contains no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors. They use free range, hormone free chicken and no soy, eggs, dairy products, sunflower oil or wheat.
  • Price: A 5-pound bag costs around $14
  • Pet owners like this product because it is fairly affordable, their pets seem to love it, and they have noticed improvements in their dog's health and coat appearance.

Innova EVO Karma Organic Dog Food

  • This is 95% certified organic food has no artificial preservatives, flavorings, or fillers. They use free range organic chicken and organic grains, such as rice, oats, and barley.
  • Price: A 4.4-pound bag costs around $16.
  • The majority of consumers like Innova EVO even though it's a little pricey for 95% organic dry dog food. Pet owners have noticed improved health among their dogs and they report that dogs seem to like the taste.

Final Comments

Overall, these three choices each have their good qualities. Natural Balance is the most reasonably priced, although Paw Naturaw was preferred by those feeding a raw diet. Innovo makes a lot of great products, and those who are fans of Innova feed this food because it is a mid-priced option that their animals seem to enjoy.

Organic choices have potential benefits, such as reduction of skin ailments and allergies, more energy, promoting healthier weight, fewer digestive disorders, a better immune system, and a better quality and longer life. The price may be higher, but some pet owners think it is worth it to feed organic foods for their pet's health and well-being.

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