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Natural Organic Dog Food

The popularity of natural organic dog food grew, in part from people's reaction to the major pet food recalls of 2007. When the recalls occurred, the news was full of stories of pets that died after being fed brands of contaminated dog food. Concerned pet owners worried about how best to protect their pets, and many chose the same option they had already chosen in order to keep themselves healthy - they began looking for organic, all natural foods to feed their pets.

The Natural Organic Dog Food Difference

One of the main differences between natural organic dog food and traditional types of dog food is that natural organic choices do not contain artificial ingredients, particularly the preservatives that are suspected of being harmful to dogs and humans alike. They don't contain artificial colors or flavors. Natural organic dog foods consist only of the most premium ingredients. Another advantage of a natural organic choice is that when used properly, it is less likely to produce overweight dogs. Just like in humans, overweight dogs face a greater likelihood of serious illnesses like heart problems. By making the switch to natural organic choices, you will be helping your dog to live healthier and longer.

This, of course, sounds wonderful but many dog owners wonder if there is a catch, a downside. According to most pet owners and veterinarians, the only downside to switching to natural organic choices is the increase in price. Typically, these brands cost more than the bargain brands of regular dog food, but the disadvantage of higher price may be offset by fewer expensive veterinarian visits. That being said, most veterinarians will caution owners about making an abrupt switch to natural organic brands. When you do change your dog's food, it's best to do it gradually. Start by mixing the new food with the old, and increase the ratio of new to old food over a period of days until the dog is accustomed to eating only the natural organic brand. Also, in some cases certain dogs can be allergic to some of the natural and organic ingredients. When this happens, owners can usually switch to another brand with different ingredients and solve the problem.

Three Popular Choices

In an effort to choose which natural organic dog food is best for your dog, let's look at three highly recommended choices:

California Natural Lamb Meal and Rice Adult Dry Dog Food

  • Single source of protein: 100% lamb
  • Contains the amino acid Taurine
  • Promotes a healthy coat and skin
  • 20 lbs. costs around $29

Nature's Logic Natural Lamb Dinner Fare

  • The first commercially prepared 100% natural pet food
  • Exceeds every requirement of The Association of American Feed Control Official's Nutrient Profile for Dogs and Cats
  • Excellent source of all essential vitamins
  • 26 lbs. costs around $46

Nature's Variety Prairie Canine Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Dry Food

  • Primary ingredient: fresh meat
  • Source of over 50 minerals, many of which promote a healthy coat
  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • 30 lbs. costs around $41

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