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Natural Life Dog Food

Natural Life dog food has been around for more than twenty years. The company's number one goal is to earn and keep the trust of their customers. You will not find any artificial coloring or flavoring in Natural Life dog food. The food is natural and does not contain any preservatives. Vitamin C and vitamin E are used as preservatives - not chemicals.

Ingredients are designed for nutrition and not simply filler. The highest quality materials are used, such as meat and not meat by-products. Grains that are used are whole grain and not simply parts or fragments of grains. The company guarantees that their products provide the complete nutrition that your pet requires.

Natural Life sets high standards for testing against things like e-coli and other toxins. This assures pet owners that they are feeding their pets the best nutrition and the safest products possible. Natural Life is an environmentally and socially aware business that belongs to the Co-op America Business Network. The company is also associated with organizations like there American Heart Association, and the Dream Foundation.

Natural Life Dog Food Products at a Glance

The products range from complete puppy nutrition to complete adult and older dog nutrition. There are also Lamaderm and weight management products. The weight management formula is designed for dogs that have weight problems or are less active.

There is a product with venison and rice for adults. It is made as an alternative meat formula with all of the necessary nutrition. Like the other products, it is made to be easily digested. There is canned food and food designed for vegetarian diets. You will also find a duck and potato formula and a turkey and barley product.

Three Top Selling Products

  • Adult Lamaderm
  • This is a lamb and rice formula that is designed for pets with food allergies, sensitive skin, and sensitive digestive systems. It is the top selling Natural Life dog food at Amazon. A 35-pound or 16-kilogram bag retails for around $41, not counting shipping. This product is dry, so if you want actual meat and not meal, canned may be better.

  • Natural Life Adult Chicken Flavor
  • This is the next best selling product. A 35-pound bag of the dry mix can be bought for the same price as the Lamaderm. The chicken in the product is chicken meal, so if you want real meat, you should buy canned products.

  • Adult Lamaderm (Canned)
  • This is the third best selling product. It has all the features of the dry formula but is softer and moister. You also get real meat with the product. Not all dogs may appreciate the taste of lamb and rice, so buy a small amount at first. A case of twelve 13.2-ounce cans costs around $18 not counting shipping. The main prohibitive factor of all three products may be the price, as some people may not be able to afford it for large or several dogs. However, if one can afford the price, it is worth looking into.

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