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Natural Dog Treats

Natural dog treats provide your dog with optimal nutrition. They are made without chemicals, artificial colors, or harmful flavorings and preservatives, which make them different from regular dog treats. They give your pet the vitamins and minerals it needs to keep it in optimal shape.

Dog treats made from poor quality ingredients can be harmful, often causing a dog to age faster and harming its immune system. Moreover, dogs develop allergies from the ingredients used in regular dog treats. Natural dog treats can help your dog live longer by providing the proper nutrition that it needs.

Advantages Of Natural Dog Treats

  • They can be expensive, but can save you money because your pet will stay healthier. You won't have to pay expensive veterinarian bills.
  • You can make treats at home and introduce them to your dog slowly. This way you can add your choice of ingredients.
  • Natural treats are often made from human grade food.
  • They come in a variety of forms such as dog jerky, dog cookies, dog chews, dog biscuits, and dog bagels. They also come crunchy or soft.
  • They taste great and have a wonderful aroma so your dog will love them.
  • Feeding your dog natural treats helps to keep its teeth healthy and cavity free.

Popular Brands

Here are three of the best reviewed natural treats, per consumer reviews:

Alaskan Bear Treats

  • These treats have no artificial preservatives, cheap fillers, flour, or harmful by-products. They contain omega fatty acids which is wonderful for the health of your dog's skin and coat.
  • They also have wild Alaskan salmon which helps to ease pain, reduces the risk of cardiac arrest, increases energy, and much more.
  • Alaskan Bear Treats cost anywhere from $6.99 to $8.99, so they are rather expensive.

Wellness Dog Treats

  • These treats have high quality ingredients such as lamb, salmon, blueberries, carrots, apples, and flaxseed. They don't contain preservatives, meat by-products, corn, wheat, wheat gluten, soy, dairy, or anything artificial, so they are good for dogs with allergies.
  • One of the only disadvantages of this brand is that it can be a bit expensive.
  • Wellness Dog Treats start at $6.99.

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits

  • These treats are made from all natural and wholesome ingredients. They only contain natural preservatives.
  • A disadvantage of Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits is they're big and may be difficult to digest.
  • Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits cost anywhere from $4.99 - $5.50.

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