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Natural Dog Food

Natural dog food is very popular today among pet owners for many reasons. It doesn't contain any additives or unhealthy extras that processed dog food contains. It can be made at home or bought in a store.

Advantages Of Natural Dog Food

Just like humans experience a lot of benefits from consuming an all natural food, dogs also experience a lot of benefits from consuming an all natural diet. All natural food often:

  • Tastes better
  • Gives your dog more energy
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Provides a healthier coat
  • Helps cleanse your dog's body
  • Provides good results with regard to skin allergies and digestive tracts
All natural food also has superior ingredients. Consumer opinion and price matter little if the ingredients are inferior or harmful to your pet. Dog food generally contains a mixture of meat products, grains, and in some cases vegetables or fruit. According to most professionals, good dog food will contain as its first ingredient chicken or lamb meal. Many brands will list things like meat, meal, or even vegetables as the first ingredient. Many professionals advise against consuming brands that contains grain because grain is not a natural food source. Also, grains have been listed as the number one cause of allergies in pets.

Disadvantages Of Natural Dog Food

There are some disadvantages to going the all natural route. It can be enormously expensive to feed your dog 100% natural food, especially if you have multiple dogs. Big dogs are the most expensive to feed because they eat the most. Natural brands can run you from around $20 a bag all the way up to $100 a bag (a one-week supply for each dog). Obviously, this is very expensive for most people.

Homemade Natural Dog Food

Many people who choose to make their own natural food for their dog do so because it can be much cheaper to make it at home than to buy it at the store. They also do so because of the scare that the pet industry had during the 2007 recall when numerous pets died from consuming contaminated dog food. Some pet owners that lost their pets chose to start making a natural homemade diet rather than purchase any other type of food again. People who choose to go the homemade route usually get a recipe from the veterinarian and save hundreds of dollars. Obviously, this is more time consuming. Then again, it's also time consuming for humans to make the conscious decision to eat healthier. That being said, most people choose to purchase their natural dog food because it's more convenient.

Here we will analyze three of the most popular brands of natural food, per consumer reviews. In the related articles on the right side of the page you can find other relevant information about an all natural diet.

3 Of The Best Brands Per Consumer Reviews

  • Canidae Beef and Ocean Fish
  • This brand uses holistic ingredients that are human grade and all natural. It includes essential vitamins and amino acid chelated minerals. It also includes balanced omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, viable micro organisms, soy, grain, oatmeal, and more. It is made with USDA choice grade beef from a herd in the Midwest. This dog food is said to increase your dog's energy levels.

  • Flint River Ranch
  • This is another popular brand that many people purchase for their dogs. This brand contains only human grade, natural ingredients. It is oven baked and easy for dogs to digest. It is guaranteed and can be returned for a refund if the customer is not entirely satisfied.

  • Iams Healthy Naturals
  • Iams Heathy Naturals contains the 9 essential ingredients, which include protein from chicken and egg; carrots; Beta-Carotene, Vitamin E, and antioxidants; spinach; fiber from apples and beets; flaxseed and fish oil; grains; and natural calcium. These ingredients are said to build strong muscles, a healthy heart, shiny coat, give energy and vitality, and much more.

Final Comments

It is important to note that when you switch your dog from store bought food to natural food you need to slowly make the change. This is because the transition can be hard for a dog's stomach to handle.

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