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Natural Balance Dog Food

This brand is also known as Dick Van Patten Natural Balance Dog Food and he acts as a partner and spokesperson for the company. Founded in 1989 with the intention of creating the best and healthiest pet food on the market, this company wanted a pet food that was good for all kinds of animals, including lions, tiger, polar bears and wolves in zoos and animal reserves.

Natural Balance Products At A Glance

Natural Balance makes different varieties and categories of food and treats in order to provide a complete line of choices. Tested in the animal's own environment, the feeding trials are conducted by kennels, breeders and veterinarians. Natural Balance strives to offer nutritious and healthy products that taste good and that create a positive, enjoyable experience for the animals.

Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Dog Food, Limited Ingredient Diets Allergy Dog food, and Vegetarian and Organic Formulas are some of the most popular among top trainers and breeders. They also rank high with consumers, consistently getting around 5 star rankings among most consumers.

Best Reviewed Products

Natural Balance dog food also comes in canned food, but for this comparison, we look at the top dry food formulas. Here are three of the best Natural Balance choices, per consumer reviews:

Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium

  • Main ingredients are chicken, brown rice, lamb meal, oatmeal and barley.
  • With chicken as the first ingredient, it is a high protein dog food, although some animals may be allergic to grains.
  • It gets high approval ratings and is affordable.
  • Price: Around $7 for 6 pounds.

Natural Balance LID - Limited Ingredient Formula

  • Contains lamb meal, brown rice, white rice, rice bran, and canola oil.
  • It contains a good amount of rice products, but the lamb is the first ingredient, so it does provide protein.
  • This product gets high ratings among consumers. One of the only drawbacks is the grain content.
  • Price: Natural Balance Limited Ingredients is around $8 for 5 pounds.
Natural Balance Vegetarian and Organic Formula
  • This choice contains natural chicken, organic rice, oats, millet, barley, potato, peas, carrots, spinach, cranberry, and other organic ingredients.
  • Because of the wide range of organic ingredients, allergy prone dogs get improved health results on this formula.
  • It is slightly more expensive than the other choices, coming in at around $9 for 5 pounds.

Final Comments

The primary cons with all three of the products is that they contain grains, to which some dogs are allergic. Even the allergy formula contains them. On the positive side, they have good quality ingredients, and the two formulas that aren't vegetarian list meat as the first ingredient.

Natural Balance dog food offers very affordable dry food choices for every type of dog, except for those that are allergic to grain. Otherwise, they rank high among consumers and have quality ingredients. You should easily be able to find a Natural Balance choice to fit your pet's taste.

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