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Merrick Dog Food

Some of the most popular Merrick dog food products that have been around since the early 1980s are still on the market today, gaining popularity since the day this company started as a family business.

Merrick has 7 very popular products for dogs:

Merrick Turduken, Merrick Campfire Trout, Merrick Senior Medley, Merrick Puppy Plate, Merrick Wilderness, Merrick Cowboy Cook Out, and Merrick Grammys Pot Pie.

3 Of Merrick's Best Reviewed Choices

  • Grammy's Pot Pie
  • Full of meat, vegetables, and other goodies, dogs love this choice. Moreover, humans are happy, because they know that their best friends are getting real, first-rate, honest-to-goodness top quality stuff - reasonably priced at around $22 for 13.2 ounces at Amazon.

  • Cowboy Cookout
  • Cowboy Cookout has beef, broth, liver, and fresh vegetables like carrots, potatoes, apples, and eggs. This delicious food will keep your dog extremely happy. It also has plenty of proteins, omega 3's, and vitamin supplements. Good value for the money at around $41 for 30 pounds.

  • Senior Medley
  • This is a great choice to help give your senior dog some more days in the sun. One of the most important points regarding Merrick is that it is very careful not to use any corn, wheat, or soybean in their formulas. This is the reason why any dog that eats these natural recipes along with healthy ingredients, like fresh meat, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit is definitely going to be bright eyed and bushy tailed throughout the day. This dog food is priced at around $22 for 13.2 ounces in the case of 12.

Final Comments

Merrick’s products are going to be comparatively higher than many other dog food products. And that is why many people go for a cheaper substitute that might be recommended by a vet. But you’re going to be pleasantly surprised when you do more internet research on consumer opinions of Merrick dog food. It constantly gets stellar reviews. The ingredients are healthy, and your dog is definitely not going to get cheap fillers.

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