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Feeding Your Pet Low Fat Dog Food

If your dog is overweight, low fat dog food might be the answer. Not unlike people, dogs are also prone to health problems like obesity and the many ramifications of being too heavy. It's estimated that as many as forty percent of our dogs are overweight, and concerned pet owners are now turning to options such as low fat food coupled with an increase in physical activity to ensure their beloved animals are at the ideal weight for their age and breed. However, fats are a necessary part of the canine diet so it's important to know the specifics on how to best feed your beloved pet.

Low Fat Dog Food At A Glance

Low fat dog food is often recommended by veterinarians for pets suffering not only from weight related conditions but also age related ailments, pancreatitis, and heart disease. Reducing the amount of fat your dog is getting in its diet is meant to improve its health by limiting the amount of calories and fillers it is getting and in turn, causing weight loss.

But, too little fat for a dog could have adverse effects, such as a deficiency in vitamins A and E. This makes it imperative to read package labels, consult with your veterinarian, and pay attention to any changes in your pet's appearance or behavior.

A good low fat dog food product will contain quality sources of proteins, which are necessary for canines for many reasons, including healthy bones and muscles. Your pet should also be getting essential vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids in addition to proteins and lean sources of fat.

Should You Make Your Own Low Fat Dog Food?

With all the different choices available for pet owners looking for a low fat food, it's no wonder some ultimately make the decision to cook their own instead of weeding through the many options out on the market. Foods like boiled eggs, ground low fat beef or skinless chicken, salmon, lamb, tofu or dairy products like cottage cheese are all good components of a low fat dog food.

Making your own low fat dog food could be a wise move for a variety of reasons, provided you are ensuring your pet is getting the right balance for its needs. For starters, you will be able to personalize the dog's diet to its exact liking, and then add or remove ingredients as necessary. Another advantage to making your own dog food is that you won't ever have to worry about any frightening pet food recalls.

To be safe with regard to nutritional needs, consult with your vet before starting your dog on a new diet. This is especially vital when it comes to puppies or older dogs with potential health problems.

3 Of The Best Brands

Although there are many choices, here are three of the best brands of low fat dog food based on ingredients, consumer reviews, and price:

California Natural Low Fat Rice and Lamb Meal Adult

This low fat food is given to pets with low activity levels and uses natural ingredients with no fillers like corn or corn oil. Pricing starts around $8 for a 5-pound bag. The biggest size, a 30-pound bag, costs around $40.

Innova Reduced Fat Dog Food

This formula contains 40 percent less fat than their regular dry adult dog food and contains ingredients like fresh turkey, herring, carrots, and apples. A 6-pound bag of Innova's reduced fat dog food costs around $16 and the largest 30-pound bag runs around $50.

Wellness Dry Dog Food - Weight Management

There are no meat by-products, rendered animal fats, corn, or artificial colors, flavorings, or preservatives in this food. Its main ingredient is chicken. It also contains other tasty treats like sweet potatoes, blueberries, and apples. A 5-pound bag of the weight management formula from Wellness averages $15 while the largest 26-pound bag is $50.

Final Comments

As a general rule, when you're searching for the right low fat food for your pet, it's a good idea to follow the advice of your veterinarian. Your vet already knows your pet's current state of health. And, never make any sudden changes to your dog's diet, whether it's switching to a low fat formula or making your own foods.

How long does a dog need to remain on a low fat diet? This depends on its specific condition. While some older dogs may require low fat dog food in some capacity for the rest of their lives, others will be able to return to their normal diets after any health concerns have been resolved.

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