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Karma Organic Dog Food

Karma organic dog food is made by Natura Pet Products, which is one of the most popular dog food companies in America today.

They have certifications from the AIB, ISO, and APHIS, which means their food is not only top quality, but it has also been acknowledged by important health entities in the US.

Karma Organic Dog Food At A Glance

As everyone knows, organic dog food is becoming increasingly popular among pet owners today. More people than ever are going organic because they want high nutritional value without any chemical additives and artificial fillers.

Ever since they began to make a name for themselves by producing top quality organic food in environmental and sustainable organic farms, Natura Pet Products has begun to make a name for itself among environmental organizations. This is primarily due to the fact that their products are free from chemicals, and their factories use recyclable materials.

Natura has two products that are readily available in stores, both of which are made of 95% certified organic ingredients. These are the organic dry food and the baked organic treats for dogs. Karma dry food consists of raw fruit, vegetables, organic grain and chicken, as well as flax seeds for healthy fatty acids. The dry food runs roughly $15 for 4.4 pounds.

Their baked organic treats for dogs are made with top quality meat, grain, vegetable and fruit, as well as antioxidants and other nutrients. You can buy 17 ounces for a little less than $7.

Final Comments

The reviews for Karma products are nearly uniformly positive. They get high marks from critics for being mindful of the environment, not using pesticides, and for taking great care in choosing premium ingredients for their products. The only obvious drawback is that Karma is considerably more expensive than many dog foods. Only you can decide whether or not you feel the quality is worth the expensive price tag.

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