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Human Grade Dog Food

Using human grade dog food may be the answer to a healthier pet and peace of mind for a pet owner.

Many pet owners regard their pets as part of the family, and they believe that their pets should eat as well and as safely as they do. Thus, using foods that are made from the safest and healthiest materials makes sense.

There are many brands, colors, textures, and flavors of dog food on the market today. Some of these foods have artificial colors and dyes, flavors, and grain fillers. Some of these products can be harmful to your pet in the long run, and some animals have a reaction to the glutens that are in the grains used as fillers or binders of the food.

Human grade dog food uses organic and natural ingredients, making it a healthy alternative to other types. The meats used are free-range and no antibiotics are used in the rearing. The animals providing the meat are fed only natural foods themselves, without hormones, pesticides, or any other unnatural chemicals. These animals are raised on farms that have an organic approach to animal husbandry, so you can be sure of their purity.

Grains, except oats, are never used in these foods, since gluten can contribute to gastric problems and can cause severe allergic reactions in dogs. Only fresh vegetables and fruits are used, including cranberries, which provide vitamins and minerals that your dog needs.

Most Popular Brands

Here are three of the best rated human grade brands, per consumer reviews:

  • The Honest Kitchen, "Force"
  • 10-pound box makes 43 pounds of food

    Approximately $76.00

  • Canidae All Natural Dry Dog Food Chicken And Rice Formula
  • 30-pound bag

    Approximately $35.99

  • Eukanuba New Zealand Venison and Potato
  • 30-pound bag

    Approximately $45.00

Final Comments

There are other brands on the market, but whatever you choose, a close inspection of the ingredients will set your mind to rest with regard to which have the most natural, human grade ingredients. Human grade dog food gives you peace of mind. You know that your dog is getting the best nutrition it can get.

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