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Holistic Dog Food

Even though holistic dog food is a form of natural dog food, it is still different in an important way: It is formulated with the intention not just of providing good nutrition, but also of attempting to address certain ailments from which a dog might be suffering.

Many informed pet owners opt for holistic food choices as a means of preventative health or to relieve their dogs of allergies, chronic illnesses, and disease.

Background of Holistic Dog Food

It should come as no surprise that dogs that consume healthy diets live longer, healthier lives with fewer threats of disease and fewer veterinarian visits. While some believe that their dogs are receiving proper nutrition through commercial dog foods, others are careful to avoid the supposed inferior quality of pet foods currently sold on store shelves. It is estimated that more than 95% of domestic pets are fed a processed pet food diet.

Here are some of the perceived drawbacks of commercial, processed dog foods:

  • - Much of the meat used in commercial brands is of an inferior quality
  • -The meat is often high in antibiotics and filled with hormones
  • - Some people believe that some of the meats may even be carcinogenic
  • - Many of the grains in commercial brands can be of very poor quality
  • - Foods are filled with preservatives to prolong their shelf life
  • -Artificial vitamins and minerals are added before the product is ultimately labeled "healthy"

Many pet owners have been successful in keeping their dogs healthy by targeting higher dietary standards and opting for holistic pet food.

Holistic Dog Food Explained


Holistic pet foods are free from meats containing steroids or hormones. Flavoring is never added, and there are no artificial colors or preservatives. A good holistic pet food will contain antioxidants and fatty acids from fish oils, which not only help achieve healthy coats, but also keep the dog's immune system functioning at optimal levels. In addition to containing other natural vitamins and minerals, these foods are processed using healthier cooking methods. Moreover, the food quality is always guaranteed for freshness. Generally speaking, pets enjoy a better quality of life on a holistic diet.

Is It A Good Choice For Your Dog?

It is never too early or too late to start a pet on a holistic diet. Prevention is always the best strategy when it comes to good pet health. For pets already stricken with an illness, holistic pet food can help with certain symptoms by boosting the dog's natural immune system. Healthy food choices can also slow progressive illnesses down considerably. Keep in mind that, just like in humans, a poor diet can often be the culprit in health complications among dogs.

Is It Worth The Price?

While some dog owners would concede that there is a substantial price difference between some holistic foods and commercial brands, they often maintain that the money saved in veterinarian bills and expensive medications, not to mention the peace of mind in knowing that they are supporting their dog's optimal health, make it worth every additional cent.

Best Tasting and Most Popular Brands

Some of the best tasting brands of holistic dog food can be obtained through manufacturers like Flint River Ranch, Life's Abundance, and Dr. Harvey's line of holistic animal products. Many of these products can be ordered online or from holistic veterinarians nationwide.

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