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High Fiber Dog Food

A high fiber dog food can help a dog's digestive system, much the same as the way it helps a human's system.

It helps keep the pet from being constipated and makes the system more efficient at absorbing the rest of the nutrients the animal needs. It can also help a dog lose weight because the dog can eat less and still feel satisfied. It's also recommended for pets with allergies, and helps prevent anal gland disease.

How is high fiber dog food different from other types of dog food?

High fiber food is different from other dog foods in that it contains high amounts of carbohydrates. Where a normal healthy mix of dog food might be 50% protein, 40% vegetables and 10% carbohydrates, high fiber food may have carbohydrates that exceed 50% or more. High sources of fiber in this type of dog food might be soybean hulls, rice bran, potato skins, or pulp from tomatoes, beets, and apples.

What kind of diet considerations and other specific health needs might make a high fiber diet the best choice for your dog?

For dogs that have allergies, intolerance, constipation, stomach and digestive tract issues or allergies, high fiber dog food is a good choice. It contains high amounts of starch, yet still contains vitamins and minerals, so the digestibility is high and less prone to cause allergic reactions. It can be used for weight gain in puppies and weight loss in more mature animals.

3 Of The Most Popular Brands Per Consumer Reviews

  • Hills Pet Science Diet
  • Science Diet's high fiber food is made for mature animals and some formulas are made for puppies.

  • Innova
  • Innova makes high quality, high fiber formulas, and the senior formula has reduced protein and calories.

  • Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula
  • This is good for dogs that have allergies to animal proteins, and is nutritionally balanced.

Pros And Cons Regarding Ingredients In Each Brand

  • Hills Pet Science Diet is a reputable high fiber dog food, but does use animal proteins, to which your pet could be allergic.
  • Innova uses high quality ingredients, but is more expensive than the others.
  • Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula does not use animal proteins, which is great for dogs with allergies, and is mid-priced compared to the other two high fiber options.

Price Range Among These Brands

  • Hills Pet Science Diet sells for around $43 - $51 for 40 lbs. This is one of the cheapest by the pound.
  • Innova Senior Diet sells for around $53 - $62 for 33 lbs. This is one of the most expensive by the pound.
  • Natural Balance Vegetarian Formula sells for around $49 for 30 pounds.

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