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Review Of Halo Dog Food Products

Halo dog food's Original Spot's Stew is a canned food product that has been considered the gold standard in natural dog food for the past 20 years.

Spot's Stew Dry Formula contains the same highest quality protein, with whole meat, vegetables, and whole grains. Another Halo product is Puppy Dry, which is formulated using the same ingredients, but is fortified with vitamins and minerals.

3 Of Halo's Most Popular Products, Per Consumer Reviews

  • Spot's Stew Dry Formula
  • The Spot's Stew Dry Formula is popular for ease of feeding. This high protein, low carb formula meets the needs of senior dogs and comes in Chicken or Wild Salmon. Spot's Stew Dry Formula will run you about $12 for 4 pounds, or $3 per pound.

  • Spot's Original
  • Spot's Original is the original canned Halo dog food. Containing the same ingredients as the dry formula, it comes in chicken, salmon, beef, and lamb flavors. Spot's Original Canned Stew will run you about $1.79 for a 5 ounce can, which is more than twice the price per pound of the dry formula.

  • Puppy Wholesome Dry Formula
  • The Puppy Wholesome Dry Formula dog food comes in Chicken or Salmon flavors, like the Adult dry formula, so it makes it easier to transition your puppy when it gets old enough. Puppy Dry Formula will run you about $27.49 for 10 pounds, or $2.75 per pound.

Final Comments

All of these products contain healthy and nutritious ingredients. The chicken and salmon flavors in the dry formula don't provide a very wide variety, but dogs don't tend to mind. Some pet owners feed the other varieties of the canned Halo food to add variety, but it is considerably higher priced by the pound.

That being said, the company does offer a natural alternative for holistic health. Halo also makes natural treats and dietary supplements, so you can supplement your dog's health. Keep in mind that their products do contain grain, and some dogs are allergic, so you might want to order one of their 1 pound trial bags for $3.99 before investing in the full size. Overall, dogs like the flavor and ingredients and Halo dog foods are priced pretty competitively with other competition in the natural dog food arena.

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