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Gourmet Dog Food

Gourmet dog food is becoming a very popular choice among dog owners. Although many different companies are launching their own versions of this type of food, there seems to be a lack of a consensus as to what exactly constitutes "gourmet" in the pet food world.

Definition of Gourmet Dog Food

The term gourmet usually refers to food made from the highest quality ingredients, which is prepared and presented in a classy manner. Hence, this implies that gourmet dog food is food prepared with premium ingredients that contain untreated ingredients, fewer fillers, and more quality meat. Gourmet pet food is more balanced in terms of the regular dietary requirements of dogs. In other words it contains fully, wholesome nutrition, which means that usually you won't need to feed your dog lots of additional minerals and vitamin supplements.

How Is It Different?

Gourmet pet foods are usually neither raw nor overdone. Instead, they are cooked to just the right degree to provide the right combination of taste and nutrients. The obvious advantage of gourmet food is that your dog gets optimal nutrition combined with great taste, which helps keep it healthy and happy. However, most gourmet foods are on the expensive side and thus might make a dent in your budget. For people who are on a budget, gourmet foods can be an occasional treat for your dog on special occasions. They can provide a much needed change from regular, mundane dog food.

Three Popular Brands, Per Consumer Reviews

Merrick Pet Care Gourmet Canned Dog food

  • This food has human grade fish, meat, and fresh fruits and vegetables for a complete balanced diet. This food has fish, which is a rich source of omega three acids, making it a top contender out of the three.
  • Costs around $2.30 per can

Party Animal Organic Gourmet Canned Food

  • This dog food has organic meat, veggies, and fruits for a complete balanced meal.
  • Costs around $2.65 per can

Cesar Gourmet Filets In Sauce

  • This dog food has beef tenderloin flavor with added minerals and vitamins. However, it does not contain fruits and vegetables.
  • Costs around $22 for a pack of 24 3.5-oz. cans

Final Comments

All of the three gourmet brands are comparable in terms of quality and nutrients. However, Merrick Gourmet Canned Food stands apart with its added fish. If you can stomach the extra price, your dog will obviously love gourmet dog food, both for the taste and the nutrition it provides.

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