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Finding Good Dog Food For Your Pets

Finding a good dog food that is not only full of the healthiest, most natural ingredients with a taste your pet will enjoy but one that's also a brand you can trust is a challenge faced by many dog owners today.

This is specially true in light of the frightening pet food recalls in the not-so-distant past and reports of questionable ingredients being used.

As you might expect, high quality dog food will cost more than choices considered to be "bad dog food." Exactly how much more will depend on variables like ingredients, brand name, and naturally, the size of the package. While the higher price may be a concern at first, paying for premium dog food will pay off in the long run, as your pet will need smaller portions since they will be getting less fillers and more nutrients. Also, your veterinary bills are likely to decrease as well.

Bad dog foods are full of cheap, unhealthy fillers that offer little, if any, nutritional value, and some may even be harmful to a dog's health. Watch out for things like corn meal, corn cellulose, and wheat gluten, all grains and carbohydrates that a canine's digestive system is not meant to cope with on a regular basis.

A good dog food, by contrast will be chock full of healthy sources of proteins, vitamins and minerals. One of the telltale signs of a quality dog food is if the first ingredient listed is an actual, specific meat and not an unknown meat source or a byproduct or filler of some type.

Meats like beef, chicken, lamb or fish are the ideal choice, and instead of chemical preservatives that are hard to spell and impossible to pronounce, look for vitamins E and C. Both are excellent natural preservatives that won't harm your dog. And, good dog food will contain sources of carbohydrates like barley, brown rice, millet, and quinoa, in moderate portions, of course.

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