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Frozen Raw Dog Food

Frozen raw dog food is higher priced than many other types of dog food, but it is a good choice for finicky dogs or those that have health issues.

It is made of fresh meat and vegetables. It is frozen because it doesn't have any artificial preservatives, which also makes it a healthy choice.

The primary difference between frozen raw dog food and other types of raw dog food is that it is frozen quickly after it is produced. There are some raw dog foods that come in airtight, vacuum sealed packages for shelf life, but nutritional content isn't based on whether a dog food is frozen or not. Frozen raw dog food is primarily frozen to preserve it since there are no preservatives added.

Advantages And Disadvantages With Price And Quality

Frozen raw food offers the advantage of feeding your dog a high quality, healthy and nutritional diet without preservatives. It is more expensive than other dog foods. The main disadvantage besides price is that you have to allow space in your freezer for the dog food.

Popular Brands

The following are three of the most popular brands, per consumer reviews:

  • Paw Naturaw Certified Organic Frozen Raw Dog Food
  • Not only is this frozen and raw, but it is organic with four varieties - organic beef, grass fed organic bison, organic turkey, and organic chicken. It is emulsified with vegetables like broccoli, carrots, squash, seaweed, chicken livers, and gizzards.

  • Pure Recipe All-Natural Fresh Dog Food
  • This brand includes 65% fresh ground chicken and bones, organic kelp, alfalfa, carrots, butternut squash, and pumpkin seed oil.

  • Pet's Raw Edge
  • This choice includes raw beef, organ meats, chicken, turkey, rabbit, tripe, and bone and fat. Basically, it includes ingredients that your dog would eat in its natural habitat.

Price Range Among These Brands

  • Paw Naturaw Frozen Raw Dog Food is sold as a pack of 12 12-ounce tubes for around $35, or a total of 9 lbs (just under $4 per pound.)
  • Pure Recipe All-Natural Fresh Dog Food costs around $34 for 12 1-pound tubs, (just under $3 per pound.)
  • Pet's Raw Edge is sold in 2-pound tubes for around $5 or $6 per tube, which is $2.50 to $3.00 per pound, depending on the variety.

Final Comments

All three of the brands contain meat and ground bone as the primary ingredients, along with a healthy mix of vegetables. They all offer a well-balanced and nutritional blend.

The disadvantage of fresh ingredients is that they must remain frozen until time to thaw and serve, so you have to keep mindful of thawing enough to feed your dog. Contrast this inconvenience with other forms of food that you just pour and serve.

Each of the three frozen raw food brands contain a good ingredient mix. Pet's Raw Edge has the lowest price in some varieties. Paw Naturaw is the highest priced, but the ingredients are all organic, which make it more expensive. Overall, each brand is a good choice for a frozen raw food.

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