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Exceed Dog Food

Exceed dog food is an affordable choice for dogs of every breed, size, and age. It is manufactured by a firm called Members Mark. This is the store brand produced by the warehouse chain Sam's Club. Sam's Club itself is an extension of the better known retail giant Wal-Mart - in fact Sam's club is named after the original founder of Wal-Mart Sam Walton.

At present you can buy Exceed products from more than six-hundred Sam's club warehouse stores in forty-eight different states - it is only Oregon and Vermont where dog owners cannot get their hands on the exceed brand. Sam's club works on a membership only basis so you would need an annual membership to be able to purchase Exceed. As is the case with other warehouse chains, Sam's Club markets itself by appealing to people who want to buy bulk and save money.

Exceed Dog Food at a Glance

There are a number of dog food products currently available under the Exceed name. For example, there is the Members Mark Performance Variety designed for very active dogs, Exceed Chicken and Rice made to keep any dog in the best condition, as well as Exceed Lamb and Rice that is advertised as being a complete and balanced nutritional product. Though most dogs will scarf down any food, it is worth looking at the options in more detail so that you can be sure to get the right choice for your pet.

Most Popular Products

The chicken and rice choice is a top seller. It contains real chicken pieces, as well as chicken meal, animal fat, brewers rice, and corn gluten meal. Also, you can find within each serving ground wheat, ground yellow corn, dried eggs, dried beet pulp, garlic oil, and animal digest. It is a high protein formula that will provide your dog with essential compounds it needs to aid in staying active and healthy.

Another popular option is the Exceed Lamb and Rice formula. Apart from containing lamb rather than chicken, there are some other different ingredients worth noting. It also contains poultry by-products, peas, corn, blueberry pomace, and vitamin K3 in the form of menadione.

The Exceed Performance dog food is another great choice. This contains a similar list of ingredients as the chicken and rice option albeit in different quantities. If you have a working dog it is an option worth trying out.

Final Comments

To get your hands on any Exceed product expect to pay around $20 for a 40-pound bag. This is certainly an affordable option and one that is also a decent dietary choice. It should be noted that a few of the Exceed dog food products contain garlic oil, which sometimes can cause problems for dogs that do not have strong stomachs. Another concern is the presence of vitamin K3, which might cause health issues in some dogs.

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