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Dog Food Reviews

Dog food reviews on this page cover various high quality dog foods that you may not know so well.

You'll find reviews about more widely known dog food brands such as Purina, Iams, and Science Diet in the "Dog Food Brands" section of the navigation menu.

These lesser-known dog foods can often be better in nutritional ingredients, price, and consumer satisfaction than the big commercial brands of dog food that everyone knows about. It is important to study all kinds of different dog foods before you choose the best type for your dog.

The different criteria we will be using to analyze each brand of dog food in this section are ingredients, price, and consumer reviews:

1. Ingredients - When it comes to ingredients, many consumers are unaware of important criteria that should be taken into account when judging a dog food. For instance, some dog foods that are high in grain content and are not nutritionally balanced can cause a dog's coat to become dull and can result in skin allergies and other digestive problems. We look at the ingredient composure of the dog food brands and analyze the healthiest brands in each category.

2. Price - We also consider the price per pound in our dog food reviews. Price is always a consideration when purchasing dog food. Obviously the frozen, raw, and organic foods are going to carry premium price tags, but they are often a great deal healthier for your dog than many dry foods that are primarily grain based. By comparing prices in our dog food reviews, you will see that some brands are equally as good as others, but may be more competitive when it comes to price.

3. Consumer Reviews - Our reviews also consider consumer opinion, since this is one of the best ways to judge many dog foods. First hand experience and improvement in a dog's health are good indications of a dog food's nutritional value. It doesn't matter how good a dog food is if your dog won't eat it or gets digestive problems because of it. Our dog food reviews consider the top rated dog foods based on their number of favorable consumer reviews.

In conclusion, dog food reviews are the best method of getting a well rounded opinion of various brands using different criteria. Below you will find useful information about a number of brands of dog food. We hope that you will find our research beneficial when it comes to selecting the best brand for your dog. Take your time and consider all the information about each of these different choices.

Reviews Of The Following Brands...

This company offers a 100% money back guarantee. They include only the best ingredients in their products.

Avoderm makes extensive use of avocados in its ingredients, which help maintain the health of your dog's skin and coat.

Back to Basics has a simple and nutritious holistic product line.

Blue Seal is a great premium, natural choice.

Only human grade meat is used in Canidae products. The company tests its products rigorously to ensure safety.

This human grade, gourmet brand is particularly known among owners of small breed dogs.

Eagle Pack has nutritious ingredients and protein and mineral supplements. It has plenty of fiber and Omega 3's, and is fit for human comsumption.

This brand uses only human grade ingredients and its products are free from artificial flavors or preservatives.

Go Natural! is a natural dog food choice that has not been subjected to intense processing procedures. Wholesome ingredients and great for your dog's digestive tract.

Halo uses the finest quality meats, vegetables, and whole grains.

This brand offers many healthy choices and tests their products extensively via several methods.

This environmentally conscious brand specializes in natural products with high quality ingredients.

This premium brand is grain-free and contains no chemicals or unhealthy fillers.

This holistic, allergen-free brand focuses on providing balanced canine nutrition.

Red Barn is a great premium natural, very digestible option.

Timberwolf products score well among consumers who place a higher priority on ingredients and methods of manufacturing than on price.

Wysong premium dog food was designed to approximate a natural canine diet before dogs were domesticated.

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