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Dog Food Ratings

Our dog food ratings are meant to help you do your homework and narrow down your options.

In this section, we compare the top rated choices among various types of dog food that are on the market, such as commercial, premium, and gourmet.

As always, we use three main criteria for our dog food ratings - ingredients, price, and consumer opinion. Each of these criteria serve an important purpose. Some dog foods may have good ingredients, but be more expensive by the pound than filet mignon. This might seem like an exaggeration, but certainly there are some dog foods on the market that hit the $5 per pound mark. Does this make them any better than cheaper dog foods? Not necessarily. Some cheaper dog foods taste better and contain healthier ingredients.

When you look at the different types of dog food, raw and organic dog food typically rank at the top. Raw dog food is about as close to human food as you can get. Organic dog foods are typically made with organic raised vegetables and free range chicken or grass fed beef, veal, or bison. Both of these types are the most expensive, but have a hearty, high quality ingredient base.

Canned dog foods usually come in another step down in the rankings, but can sometimes be more expensive per ounce than some of the raw or organic food. Dry dog foods are another step down and are usually the cheapest. Many of them are not as well-balanced as they claim. Often times, their primary ingredients are grains, which some dogs are allergic to and which can also cause a dull coat and dry skin.

When looking at 5 of the top dog foods in our dog food ratings, we will attempt to include options from each of these categories in order to give you a broad spectrum of possibilities for your dog.

Top Dog Food Ratings Based On Ingredients and Price

  • Natural Balance
  • Natural Balance has different formulas, including organic. They use a good blend of high quality ingredients, and they rank high in almost all of their varieties of dog food. Another good thing about the Natural Balance dog foods is that you can get almost any variety for under $3 per pound (the organic variety), and the other varieties are available for under $2 per pound. Dogs like these foods and they have a good blend of ingredients for a balanced and complete diet. This definitely earns Natural Balance a top spot in our dog food ratings.

  • Innova EVO
  • Innova EVO produces several types of dog food, including organic dog foods. They use high quality meat products, but many of their dog foods include grain products, to which some dogs are allergic. Dog owners do report that their pets like this food, and they have seen health improvements when they have switched to this brand. In terms of price, it is a mid-range brand, with the organic type available for under $4 per pound, and other varieties around $3 per pound.

  • Eukanuba
  • This is a brand that offers different formulas for different ages and sizes of dogs, so you are sure to find one that fits your pet. The dry dog foods are just under $2 per pound and come in different flavors. They use high quality meat, but they also include grains, typically rice, in their formulas. They do not use vegetable proteins, but do use oils to help with skin and coat dryness and dullness.

  • Wellness Super 5 Mix
  • This brand offers high quality meat, but also includes grains in its formula. It is on the lower to mid-range end of the price spectrum, with dry dog food running right at $2 per pound, and other formulas slightly more than that. Many pets seem to like the different formulas and consumers report improved health conditions. It is a balanced blend of dog foods.

  • Paw Naturaw
  • Paw Naturaw frozen certified organic raw food is made in four varieties with grass fed bison, organic beef, chicken or turkey. It comes in fresh, frozen tubes, much like hamburger. It is priced at around $4 per pound, but dogs love it and it is a high quality, premium food.

Top Dog Food Ratings Based On Consumer Reviews

When it comes to consumer reviews, these 5 dog foods consistently rank better than many others:

  • Paw Naturaw
  • Paw Naturaw organic raw dog food takes a top spot. This is a premium dog food, and pets love it; there are no additives or preservatives, so it is fresh food. The downside is that you have to reserve some freezer space for your dog food. Also, it's relatively expensive.

  • Natural Balance
  • Natural Balance is definitely one of the top consumer picks. It is affordable and completely balanced. Dog owners report health improvements and their pets like it.

  • Innova EVO
  • It is a mid-range dog food, and most owners like it. However, some owners report that their dogs have had allergic reactions, probably due to the grain content. A few others said their pets didn't like the taste.

  • Eukanuba
  • Eukanuba takes another top spot among consumer pics. This brand has quite a few varieties, which is why consumers like it. Also, it is reasonably priced. Because it also contains grain, some pets are allergic. However, some owners report that their dog's coat is shinier, probably due to the oil content and meat protein.

  • Wellness Super 5 Mix
  • Wellness Super 5 Mix doesn't have as many varieties as some of the others, but owners report improved health conditions, including good results with their dogs' digestive tracts. This brand does contain grains so you need to watch for skin allergies or other reactions.

Final Comments

When it comes to dog food ratings, consumer reviews are, of course subjective from the standpoint that different animals like different things. Ultimately, it's a matter of opinion and your dog's taste when it comes to finding the best dog food for your dog.

The articles on the right side of this page will help you continue to explore the different types of dog food that are on the market today.

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