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Dog Food Comparisons - Top Brands in Different Categories

Conducting dog food comparisons can be a lengthy process, given how many options you have. Today, the dog food industry is a multi-million dollar giant, with a variety of different dog food manufacturers. There are different foods for puppies as well as adult dogs, and different types of foods for special diets. For the purposes of dog food comparisons, this article broadly classifies dog food into commercial brands, organic brands, and raw brands.

Dog Food Comparisons of Top Commercial Brands

Here are three of the top commercial dog foods based on customer reviews:
  • Innova Dry Dog Food
  • The ingredients in this brand are human grade, which means that it is fit for human consumption. It provides balanced and wholesome canine nutrition and comes in small breed and regular size kibbles. Since their dogs seem to love it, customers really like this brand. Many customers have even reported a significant improvement in their dogs' health after switching to this dog food.

  • Natural Balance Ultra Premium Dog Food
  • This brand has a balance of nutrients required by your dog. It is free from all kinds of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Customers like this dog food since it has good quality ingredients at an affordable price.

  • Dr. Harvey's Canine Health
  • This dog food is completely holistic and is comprised of human grade and organic ingredients. It also has fresh proteins and oils which aid in enhancing the dog's health. Customers like it because it is great for dogs that have digestion problems with other dog foods and because it is known to help in enhancing dogs' overall health.

Dog Food Comparisons of Top Organic Brands

Here are three of the top organic dog foods based on customer reviews:

  • Castor & Pollux Organix Canine Formula
  • This dog food has a balanced amount of proteins and amino acids with minerals and vitamins for your dog's nutrition needs. A lot of customers have seen a significant enhancement in their dog's health, skin and coat when feeding this dog food.

  • Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Dry Food
  • This dog food contains high level of antioxidants along with human grade all natural chicken. Customers like the fact that it contains probiotics, which help maintain a healthy digestive system.

  • Newman's Own Organics Canned Dog Food
  • This brand has human grade ingredients like organic carrots, brown rice, natural chicken, probiotics, and Ester C, which helps in maintaining dogs' coats. Customers seem to like this choice because it helps maintain their dogs' health, and their dogs seem to like it.

Dog Food Comparisons of Top Raw Brands

Here are three of the top raw dog foods based on customer reviews:

  • Nature's Variety Raw Food Diets
  • This raw dog food is comprised of 95% freshly ground USDA meat and fresh fruits and vegetables. Customers say their dogs like it and it enhances their dogs' coat and health.

  • Primal Pet Foods Raw Dog Food
  • This dog food has antibiotic and hormone free meats and is preferred by customers since it helps in enhancing their dogs' digestive systems and helps keep them healthy.

  • Nature's Variety Raw Bones & Turkey Necks
  • This brand contains lamb, beef, ham, and whole turkey necks, which according to the customer reviews, help enhance their dogs' overall health.

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