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Discount Dog Food

In today's lackluster economy, discount dog food is becoming more and more popular. It seems everyone is looking for a bargain. Eager to please, many retailers are now offering competitively low prices to gain your business. When it comes to shopping for dog food, there are many options. The good thing is you don't have to sacrifice quality for price because if you do a little searching, many retailers are willing to give great deals. On the right side of this page, you will find all sorts of articles that will instruct you on how to find great deals on dog food.

Tips On Shopping Online For Discount Dog Food

  • Visit the manufacturer's website
  • This can be found by typing the dog food company's name into any search engine. Many companies have "Coupon" pages with printable deals, and often signing up for email newsletters keeps you on top of sale opportunities.

  • Visit sites like
  • These kinds of sites offer grocery and pet coupons found in national advertisements, available for you to print out. It's a good idea to keep on top of things by visiting the coupon sites often, as they are regularly updated.

  • Ebay can be another valuable resource
  • Often retailers will sell pet food in large, discounted quantities on this auction style website. Ebay also has coupon categories where you can purchase retailer's coupons for pennies on the dollar. We have found some fabulous pet coupons (including coupons for free products!) on this site.

Tips On Shopping In Stores For Discount Dog Food

  • Look for bags or cans that are slightly damaged or about to expire.
  • Most stores will offer these "damaged goods" at a discount - often up to 75% off. These foods may be found at any store, and can be any quality. However, you will probably have to look hard for them. Not every store has discounted food all of the time.

  • Another good way is to use coupons.
  • Dog food coupons can be found every week in almost any local newspaper. You can use these coupons to their fullest by using them at places that will accept double coupons. Unfortunately, these coupons are usually lower quality. However, sometimes there are coupons for higher quality foods, too.

  • Frequent buyer deals are another good way to save money on dog food.
  • Several dog food companies, or even pet stores, will offer a free bag of dog food after buying a given number of bags (usually ten). Although you have to buy the bags each time at full price, you get a free bag every so often, and it usually averages out to about a ten percent overall discount.

  • Another option is to buy from local small businesses.
  • Often, a smaller locally-owned pet store will have dog food at a much lower price than chain stores. Vet clinics also offer discounts sometimes. These smaller stores are also more likely to offer free samples of food, discounts on bags, and more free food with purchases than the chain stores. They are also more likely to have the highest quality foods at the lowest prices. If you get lucky, sometimes small pet stores or vet clinics will also give away expired foods for free. Although they are no longer allowed to sell foods that are outdated, these foods are still perfectly fine to feed to your dog; expired foods usually remain good for several months after the printed expiration date.

Final Comments

A little effort goes a long way in saving money on dog food, and with the internet and other methods at your disposal, you shouldn't have to pay full price again.

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