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Dehydrated Raw Dog Food

Dehydrated raw dog food is a good alternative for prospective dog food buyers who would like to give their dog the qualities that raw dog food offers, but who don't want to take up valuable freezer and refrigerator space.

Many pet owners are not sure what to expect when considering this type of raw dog food with regard to which brands get the best reviews and have the highest nutritional values.

How is dehydrated raw dog food different from regular raw dog food and frozen raw dog food? Moreover, is there any difference in nutritional content?

Dehydrated raw dog food has the same nutritional content without the mess and the storage issues that other raw dog foods have. It is relatively easy to prepare; in some cases you have to add water and in other cases you have to add meat. You still get the high quality protein content that fresh raw dog food offers, but with a lot less trouble.

While dehydrated raw dog food does free up freezer and refrigerator space, you have to do a careful analysis on price. For example, a popular frozen raw dog food that sells for $3.92 a pound sells for $5.21 per pound in the dehydrated form. Both formulas offer the same high quality ingredients; you're just paying for the convenience.

3 Of The Most Popular Brands

  • Paw Naturaw Organic Dehydrated Raw Dog Food
  • This brand has a lot of organic meats and vegetables and offers high quality ingredients without preservatives.

  • Honest Kitchen Preference Dehydrated Raw Dog Food
  • This product requires you to add the meat, but it is a grain-free foundation diet, which makes it good since some dogs are allergic to grains.

  • Dr. Harvey's Canine Miracle Pre-Mix Dog Food
  • This product is a holistic dog food that uses organic and human quality ingredients; however, it is high in grain content such as brown rice, rolled oats and barley. This isn't good for pets that are allergic to grain-based foods.

Pros And Cons Regarding Ingredients In Each Brand

  • Paw Naturaw has the best blend of ingredients by the pound, even though it is considerably higher priced than its frozen raw dog food counterpart.
  • Honest Kitchen requires that you add meat, which is the most expensive part of raw dog food. This brand also contains grains.
  • Dr. Harvey's requires the addition of meat and oils and is high in grain content versus vegetables, like the other two brands.

Price Range Among These Brands

  • Paw Naturaw dehydrated raw food is $5.21 per pound, but includes all ingredients except water.
  • Honest Kitchen Preference dehydrated raw food is $2.91 per pound, but you have to add the meat, which is the most expensive part.
  • Dr. Harvey's Canine Miracle Pre-Mix Dog Food is $7.79 per pound and you have to add meat and oils, which are, again, expensive ingredients.

Final Comments

With regard to price, Paw Naturaw dehydrated raw food is the most comprehensive, practical formula, even though it is more expensive than the frozen variety. Its shelf life and storage capability might make up the difference in price for some people. The Honest Kitchen is a good base for homemade raw dog food and Dr. Harvey's is a little expensive considering what you have to add to it to make a complete diet.

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