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How To Find Cheap Dog Food

Finding cheap dog food can be an important skill, especially in a down economy or when you are on a strict budget. Let's face it: most of us are not affluent people who can afford premium, top of the line dog foods on a regular basis. The main challenge is finding affordable dog foods without compromising too much in the area of quality.

Unfortunately, cheap dog food often means food that is high in fillers and low in quality ingredients. Very often, the ingredient list on a dog food label doesn't specify the kind of meat used. This meat could have come from a variety of substandard sources. Many experts implicate all kinds of cheap commercial dog food choices in the many health problems and shortened life spans that dogs experience.

Options For Finding Cheap Dog Food

  • You can start cooking at home, since it costs less in the long run and also has no additives or harmful ingredients.
  • You can look at pet stores like like Petco for cheaper options.
  • You can buy big bulk packs of dog food, which are more cost effective in the long run.
  • You can look for good dog food coupons that can give you great discounts.

Finding Dog Food Coupons

Free or cheap dog food coupons can be found at a number of websites. You can get coupons for discounts on canned foods, dry foods, and even treats. These coupons help you get great discounts on a number of premium dog foods. You can get coupons that apply to many stores and brands. You can even print them and use them in regular stores or just use them for online purchases. Moreover, when new companies enter the dog food market, they generally offer free or discount coupons for promotion purposes. This means that you can get good quality and cheap food with these coupons.

Making Your Dog Food At Home

The best way to save money on dog food is to make it at home. You don't need to feed your dog anything fancy. A simple dish of a boiled starch and good quality meat is tasty and healthy for your dog. You can even add some refrigerated leftovers or old vegetable dishes to add variety to your dog's meals. Another good idea is to ask your butcher for bones or leftover cuts that they tend to throw away. You can get these for free or for a small fee and they make good treats for your dog.

Final Comments

Although making dog food at home is the best option, there may be times when you need to buy cheaper dog food due to various reasons. In such circumstances you need to do your homework well, use coupons, and only buy the dog food after reading the list of ingredients.

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