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Canidae Dog Food

Canidae dog food is now owned by the Diamond dog food brand. It is made in the United States with the highest quality ingredients. All meats and meat meals are made from human grade, USDA inspected meats, and they use high quality grains, vegetables and fruits from human grade facilities. Naturally preserved, all Canidae products undergo stringent testing for safety to your pet.

Canidae Products At A Glance

Canidae makes several flavors and formulas. Three of the most popular are the Canidae All Life Stages, the grain free formula, and the lamb and rice formula. All of the formulas contain high quality and nutritious ingredients for a well balanced diet.

Canidae All Life Stages

This is the most popular for the widest audience. The first three ingredients are meat in meal form. This formula also contains many vegetables and grains, so it is not recommended for dogs that have grain allergies. Even so, it still gets high ratings.

Canidae Grain Free All Life Stages

This formula has more meat than the regular formula, with five meat meal ingredients. The first three ingredients are meat meal. It also includes fish meal, which has added nutrition not found in the regular All Life Stages formula. It also gets very high ratings by consumers and is great for all dogs, including those with grain allergies.

Canidae Dog Food in Lamb-Rice Formula

Even though it contains grain, it is an alternative to the regular All Life formula. It is very popular among consumers. The main ingredients are lamb and rice, and it has canola oil, which helps promote a shiny coat and healthy skin.

Price Range Of These Three Canidae Products:

All of these three Canidae choices are around the same price - around $9 for 5 pounds, or $36 for 30 pounds.

Final Comments

All three of these Canidae products have high quality ingredients, although the original formula All Life Stages doesn't appear to have as much meat as the other two popular kinds. It also contains more grain, which some dogs like better, but it is lower in protein. Some dogs are allergic to grains. Grains are known to cause dull coats and dry skin in some dogs. Overall, these three choices offer great ingredients for dogs, and aren't that much more expensive than similar brands that don't contain such high caliber ingredients.

Overall, Canidae dog food offers plenty of variety and high quality ingredients at an affordable price. It's not surprising that all of the Canidae dog food we researched consistently got 5 star ratings from consumers.

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