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Bravo Raw Dog Food

The Bravo Raw Dog Food Company has its roots in the fresh meat business, as they used to supply fresh, USDA inspected meat to restaurants and grocery outlets. The actual dog food company started up in 2003, and has been growing ever since. They process every package as if it was for their own pet, and they want their pet to have a healthy and happy life!

Bravo! Products At A Glance

Most dog foods produced today are filled with ingredients that can be harmful to your pet, like artificial colors and flavorings. They also contain grain fillers, which contain gluten, a by-product that our pets' digestive systems have difficulty digesting, potentially causing allergies, weight gain, and other complications. Bravo! avoids all of these things.

Each raw meat used for Bravo raw dog food is inspected by strict USDA standards, 100% human grade, and AAFCO approved. All ingredients are naturally grown, without hormones or herbicides and pesticides. They only use fresh Grade A vegetables - never grain. Bravo! only uses the four major groups of raw food: ground bone, organ meats, pure meats, and fresh vegetables.

The Bravo! Family of Products gives you a choice for what your pet needs. They never process multiple protein products. This makes for easier digestion for your pet, with vitamin and mineral absorption made easier. Bravo! Raw Dog Food products are varied so that you can avoid allergic reactions in sensitive dogs, and aid delicate digestive systems.

Convenient sizes for each formula help you save and store what your pet needs, so you can avoid bulky packages and spills. Each formula comes in 1, 2, and 5 pound tubes, which can add up to big money savings compared to other packaging. There are also Bravo Blends, which are patties evenly made and separated for easy feeding.

Best Reviewed Products

Here are some of the best Bravo Raw Dog Food choices:

Bravo! Balance

  • 12 4-ounce burgers
  • Beef, Turkey, Chicken, and Variety
  • Price: around $14 each.

Bravo! Original Formula

  • Chicken or Turkey blend - price: around $34 for each 2-pound package
  • Beef or Lamb blend - price: around $50 for each 5-pound package
Bravo! Boneless Raw Salmon
  • Great protein source
  • Price: around $27 per 1-pound tube
Bravo! Basic Formulas
  • Comes in 1, 2, and 5 pound tubes
  • Price: Varies by type of meat
  • Types of meat: chicken, turkey, lamb, rabbit, ostrich, elk, duck, quail

Final Comments

As you can see, this food comes in wide varieties to enable you to give your pet the best diet available. Obviously, cost might be a concern if you're on a budget, but this is definitely superior nutrition. An all natural diet can play an important role in healthy bones, clear eyes, and a shiny coat. Taking your pet's diet back to nature may be the best thing you can do for it, and Bravo raw dog food definitely accomplishes this.

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