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Blue Seal Dog Food

Blue Seal Dog Food was started in 1868 by Henry K. Webster. With the growth of the company, Webster expanded it into other types of feed. The company later became part of Muscatine Foods that was founded in 1927. The types of feed the company manufactures have been increased to include cats, poultry, fish, zoo animals, cattle and horses feed.

Dog food from this company is trusted by many pet owners, with many of them having grown up feeding their pets from Blue Seal products. This is because the feeds have balanced nutrients and are of high quality. This has helped to ensure fast expansion of the company to international level.

Blue Seal Dog Food at a Glance

The company has two main recipes: the dry recipes and the canned recipes. There are many dry recipes, including Lamb and Rice flavor, Pork and Barley flavor, Puppy formula and also Active Dog formula. Canned recipes, on the other hand, include Beef and Vegetable, Chicken and Vegetable, Pork and Barley, Salmon and Ocean Fish, and Chicken and Brown Rice. The main ingredient used to make Blue Seal dog food is meat. Meat is important in the diet, as it is a source of protein. The recipes also have carbohydrates included in the ingredients. The sources of the carbohydrates present in the recipes are ground rice, rice ban, corn gluten and ground barley. Fat used in the feeds is chicken fat. Different types of vitamins and minerals are also added to the recipes.

Popular Products

Blue Seal is easily available in shops that sell pet feeds and on online stores. Examples of some of their popular products on are Kent Feeds 8004 Dog Biscuits that go for between $8 and $9 and Dog Biscuits Flavor (fruit and nut) going for between $6 and $7.

Final Comments

Many pet owners are always wondering how much they should feed their pets. The answer depends on a lot on things. Factors such as age, activity level, and weight are the most important factors considered to ensure you do not either under feed or over feed your animal. Seeking help from a professional will help you do it right. Overall, Blue Seal is a quality, highly recommended choice.

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