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Black Gold Dog Food

A lot of veterinarians recommend Black Gold dog food. This premium dog food brand has balanced nutrients to keep your dogs active and healthy. With the excellent variety of dog food that the Black Gold brand offers, it helps you steer your dog's diet into the right direction.

Black Gold Dog Food At A Glance

It is not unusual for a reputable dog brand to take years of research to perfect a formula that will cover basic animal nutrition. In gaining a wealth of information, Black Gold dog food was able to produce ideal, nutritionally balanced meals to suit your pet's overall needs. Unlike average dog food brands that you can easily buy in the grocery store or pet shop, Black Gold products are sold directly to veterinarians for sale to the public. Black Gold products are available in a variety of types that are exclusively labeled as the "signature series".  

Some of Black Gold's high quality formulas contain corn meal, chicken, and ground wheat. These ingredients are considered inferior sources of protein. However, Black Gold is forthright about declaring the ingredients that it gives your pets. Most dog food brands are in the habit of hiding their poor ingredients in seemingly impressive names. For instance, when they actually use meat by-products, they simply state "meat".

The brand is focused on beating other competitive dog food brands by focusing on results over cost per pound. Their top-grade ingredients are processed through gelatinization, which results in a highly digestible combination of protein and fat. This makes Black Gold products very effective in increasing your animal's energy level and in maintaining healthy skin and a shiny coat. it also lets you feed your dog less food, which means less stool to clean up and fully digested dog-friendly nutrients.

Popular Black Gold Products

There are a number of Black Gold selections that you will find suitable for your dogs:

  • Black Gold 26/18 Performance Blend - this is suitable for all breeds of dogs. This formula delivers highly digestible protein and excellent percentage of human grade fat to ensure maximum nutrition and health benefits.
  • Black Gold 23/16 Professional Blend and the 23/14 Lamb Meal and Rice Blend are ideal for dogs that are in competitive environments. These blends are usually recommended for dogs with digestion problems and food allergies.
  • Other great Black Gold dog food blends include the Ultimate Adult, Ultimate Performance, Ultimate Pup Food and Plantation Blend dog foods.

Final Comments

The special dog food blends offered by the Black Gold brand help eliminate guess work when deciding on the kind of food that is suited to your dog. The brand is distributed by licensed vets, which helps to show that they are highly committed to offering you the best selection of dog food that you can afford.

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