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Best Dry Dog Food

Dog food buyers trying to find out more information on the best dry dog food to buy for their pets have a seemingly endless array of options.

How can you decide which one is best for your dog in terms of nutrition and other health benefits? There are several criteria you can use in comparing the best dry dog food. Ingredients, price, and consumer reviews are good ways to determine the best ones.

What Exactly Is Dry Dog Food?

The best way to think of dry dog food is that it is a form of ingredients that is baked to have the moisture removed. Where raw food is typically frozen with little processing and canned dog food is emulsified for easier digestion, dry dog food is often used because it is cheaper and made into bite size kibbles or chunks. Many dry dog foods list grains as their primary and first ingredient, but the best dry dog food choices will have meat listed first, especially chicken or lamb, since some dogs are allergic to grains. Also, grain based dry dog food can cause an animal's coat to become dull and produce itchy, scaly skin.

3 Of The Best Dry Dog Foods Per Consumer Reviews

Natural Balance Dry Dog Food

  • Natural Balance's line of dry dog food choices typically have one quality protein source, such as chicken, duck or turkey. They also typically have one quality carbohydrate source, such as potatoes.
  • This brand does not contain fillers like corn, soy, wheat, rice or eggs, and dairy products. However, it does contain natural ingredients to build the dog's immune system.
  • It contains no preservatives, which is good because preservatives can cause health problems.
  • Price: 15 pounds for around $22
  • Pets seem to like it, and owners see improvements in the animals' coats and overall health.

Wellness Super5Mix Dry Dog Food

  • This brand uses real USDA grade meats including chicken, lamb, and whitefish. They also use wholesome grains, omega fatty acids, fruits, and vegetables for antioxidants, as well as herbs for overall well-being.
  • This is a well-balanced dry dog food, even though it contains grains, to which some dogs may be allergic.
  • It is not recommended for dogs with skin conditions or dull coats, since such dogs need a dry dog food that is higher in meat proteins and oil, and without grains.
  • Price: 15 pounds for around $30
  • Consumers report that it is a great dry dog food for pets that are not allergic to grains. It is the most expensive of our three picks, and this is probably due to the extremely high quality meats.

Eukanuba Dry Dog Foods Lamb And Rice Formula

  • This choice uses high quality animal proteins (mainly chicken or lamb) and not vegetable protein as the main source of protein.
  • It contains mainly meat, but but does include rice, which is a grain and some dogs may be allergic. Eukanuba does offer other formulas, so it is best to look for the best suited for your dog's age and health conditions.
  • Because it contains no vegetables, it may not be as balanced nutritionally as other dry dog foods, but it is still a good choice based on protein content.
  • Price: 15 pounds for around $29
  • Generally, consumers are very happy with this brand. Eukanuba has a complete line for all ages of dogs in different varieties.

Final Comments

Based on our research, all three of the best dry dog food products are good choices. For price and the best ingredient balance, Natural Balance is definitely a top contender.

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