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Best Dog Foods Ranked By Consumer Reviews

The best dog foods ranked in this review will be according to consumer opinion.

We will also comment on pricing and ingredients regarding these choices. Some of the best dog foods ranked according to consumer reviews may be more expensive brands, non-grain brands, or natural and organic brands.

The 10 Best Dog Foods Ranked By Consumer Reviews

1) Canidae

Canidae rated high with a variety of their dog food formulas, and dogs seem to like the flavors. It offers formulas with or without grain. With five meat and fish meal ingredients, the grain-free formula is packed with protein. The formula with grain is a well-balanced formula primarily made of healthy vegetables and grains. Running at about $36 for 30 pounds (just over $1.00 per pound), Canidae is one of the least expensive brands. Dog owners give it a 5 star rating in the best dog foods ranked by consumers.

2) Orijen

Orijen is grain-free, has great sources of meat and protein, and is reasonably priced. Dogs seem to enjoy the de-boned chicken, chicken meal, turkey meal, russet potatoes and Whitefish flavors. Orijen is roughly $60 for 30 pounds, or about $2.00 per pound. Orijen ranked 5 stars by consumers as one of the best grain-free dog foods on the market.

3) Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance

This brand gets 5 stars on best dog foods ranked by consumer reviews. The main ingredients make it a high protein dog food, though it does include grains as well. Dogs respond well to the variety of flavors, which includes chicken, brown rice, lamb meal and other grains. Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium is generally $7 for 6 pounds, making it slightly over $1.00 per pound.

4) Innova EVO Karma Organic

This is a popular organic dog food, according to consumer rankings. Dogs love this food and owners give it 5 stars. It is made with 95% certified organic chicken and grains such as oats, rice and barley, and has no artificial preservatives, flavorings or fillers. Innovo EVO Karma Organic Dog Food is about $16 for 4 pounds, or roughly $4.00 per pound, which is in line with the pricing of many organic dog foods.

5) Nature's Variety Instinct

This brand gets 5 stars according to consumer reviews. It is high in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, which are very healthy for a dog's immune system. Additionally, it is a grain-free formula, and 90% of the protein in the food is from real meat. Nature's Variety Instinct comes in chicken, duck, turkey and rabbit flavors, which dogs seem to love. It sells for about $50 for a 25-pound bag, which makes it $2.00 per pound.

6) Wellness

This brand ranks very high in consumer reviews because it has high quality ingredients, is grain-free, and the price is very competitive for the amount of protein it includes. It is a grain free, high-protein dog food packed with meat from turkey, chicken, whitefish, and chicken liver, as well as fruits, vegetables, and oils. Dogs seem to love the flavor. Wellness is priced at approximately $53 for 30 pounds, making it less than $2.00 per pound.

7) Halo

Halo is a natural, premium dog food that ranks high in quality ingredients, with whole meat, grains and high protein. Dogs seem to really enjoy it. It does contain grain, but dogs that aren't allergic love Spot's Stew, which has been around for 20 years. Halo is in the mid-priced range at $12 for 4 pounds, or $3.00 per pound, but many consumers who reviewed Halo claim their dogs won't eat anything else.

8) Horizon Legacy

This brand ranks high in consumer reviews, and with a protein content that is higher than many brands (four named meat ingredients), it is easy to see why. It is entirely grain-less, with many high quality ingredients. Consumer reviews note the price, because Horizon Legacy is $63 for 29 pounds, or slightly over $2.00 per pound.

9) Solid Gold

Solid Gold has unique flavors but contains a few grains. Made with primary ingredients including bison, salmon meal, brown rice, millet, barley, oatmeal, rice bran and canola oil, it is a little heavy on grains, but the meat and oils make it better for coats than many other dog foods with grain. It is reasonably priced at $50 for 30 pounds, not quite $2.00 per pound.

10) Timberwolf

Timberwolf is a well-balanced natural dog food that adds other sources of protein but does contain grain, so some dogs may be allergic. Timberwolf Black Forrest Lamb and venison contains venison, lamb, brown rice, millet, lamb and venison meal, salmon meal and an assortment of vegetables. Consumers who reviewed the product like the price, which generally runs about $69 for 33 pounds, slightly more that $2.00 per pound.

In summary, the best dog foods ranked by consumers are well-liked by their animals, suit the majority of their pets' needs, and fit their budget. All of the dog foods on the list are high quality choices for your dog.

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