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The Search For The Best Canned Dog Food

When searching for the best canned dog food, it's important to remember that canned food, compared to the dehydrated and pretty much less appealing look of dry dog food, is generally more agreeable in terms of nutrition, texture and quality.

For a little more money per meal, getting the best canned food gives your pet a satisfying and nutritionally gratifying meal.

Canned Dog Food Ingredients

Generally, canned dog meals contain 8-15% protein and 2-15% fat, depending on the type of meat used in the prepared meal. They also preserve up to 75% of the natural food moisture, which make them more palatable and nutritious than other types of dog food. Per pound of food, canned goodies can provide over 900 metabolized kilocalories. They also present a great way to achieving optimal intake of food with minimal caloric value. Aside from convenience in dog food preparation, canned dog food leftovers can be refrigerated for the next meal.

Aside from keeping your canine friends healthy, many of the high quality canned dog food choices on the market actually contain less preservatives and fillers. This means less chances of allergies and less waste for your pets. Better food and less mess - what else could be better than that?

Choosing the Best Canned Dog Food

Reading the nutrition labels is a good place to start in selecting the best canned dog food to feed your pet. Everything that you need to learn about a product is there on the label.

If your canine happens to be allergic to something, you might want to choose from the natural or organic dog food section to get a selection of canned foods that are best for your pet. Recently, pet food reviews have been raving about all natural dog food and premium dog food. Understandably, these choices make ideal options because they are made from better quality ingredients.

The best canned dog food should give your pet a wide variety of nutrients, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. Consult the ingredients list to determine the type and amount of meat that a can contains. As a rule of thumb, avoid products that contain high levels of meat by-products, unidentified fat sources, artificial flavors, and chemical preservatives. Never pick anything that has unreadable chemicals (ethoxyquin, BHA, BHT, propyl gallate, etc.) or unfamiliar ingredients in its nutrition label.

Canned Dog Food Options

To help you weed out the less ideal canned dog food options, here is a list of recommended products based on popularity, quality and value.

According to Quality

One way of judging the quality of a canned dog food is through its ingredients list. The Innova EVO's 95% varieties, Wellness 95% Meat varieties, and the Wysong Beef Au Jus Beef are three of the best canned dog food choices in this department.

  • The $1.75 per 13.2-ounce can of Innova EVO's 95% meat varieties offer the top ingredients list in Chicken And Turkey dog meals.
  • The $2.25 per 13.2-ounce can of Wellness 95% meat varieties gives your dogs high quality and natural chicken meat with no preservatives.
  • The $2.60 per 13.2-ounce Wysong Beef Au Jus Beef is loaded with protein, giving your dogs juicy beef, beef liver, and beef heart.

According to Value

When we say value, we mean uncompromising quality at excellent price per can of dog food. In this department, Natural Balance Ultra Premium dog foods and Pedigree Choice Cuts with Beef make great choices. Compared to the other cheaper canned goodies with ingredients such as corn meal and flour, which have questionable value in terms of dog nutrition, Natural Balance and Pedigree choices present a good selection of ingredients that are easy on your pet food budget.

According to Popularity

One convenient way of finding the best canned dog food is by checking the consumer review pages. These reviews can give you reliable feedback on the overall quality of a product, particularly with regard to consumer opinions and experiences. The featured brands under this category include Fromm Family Foods, California Natural, and Wysong. The strengths of these brands lie in the healthiest combinations of ingredients that they give your dog in every meal. These brands use high-quality meats, natural ingredients, absolutely no by-products, and no fillers or preservatives. They have pretty much everything that you and your dog will love.

Final Comments

When you take into account the pet food recalls from a few years ago, you should be especially vigilant about the kind of food you feed your dogs. Expensive dog food does not necessarily equate to quality dog food. One can never put more emphasis on the importance of checking the product or canned dog food labels. Understanding everything on the label is your best chance of giving your dogs the best kind nutrition you can provide. As you notice the shinier coat, stronger immune system, and better overall health of your furry friends, you will be reminded that you are feeding your canine friends well.

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