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Back To Basics Dog Food

Since 1996, Back To Basics dog food has been made with nutrition in mind. The manufacturer believes that simple, balanced, high quality ingredients can make a difference in the life of your pet. Their products are available in two different flavors: chicken or pork.

The products employ a balanced holistic formula. The proteins, fats, and carbohydrates are all equally balanced in the formula, and the chicken and the pork formulas are interchangeable. You may also buy the products in canned selections. You may buy roasted pork or roasted chicken. It is also available in salmon flavor. The company uses no sugars, wheat, or corn in the ingredients. Some dogs may be sensitive to these ingredients and they may disrupt their digestion. These products are not involved in many of the past dog food recalls, either.

Most Popular Products

The company does not have a large line of products, hence the name "Back to Basics". However, the top selling product at Amazon is the dry formula chicken. Next is the poached salmon entree canned food. And the third best selling item is the pork flavored dry food.

  • Honesty Chicken Formula
  • The chicken formula is made to be highly digestible. It is recommended by many pet professionals in a world-wide capacity, and it is made in the United States. During manufacturing, chelated minerals are added. Chelated minerals are made in such a way as to increase absorption. The chicken used in the product comes from the same sources as the chicken that people eat, so it is very high quality. You will not find any hormones or antibiotics in the meat. A 30-pound bag of this product retails for about $52.00. The ingredients are natural and wholesome, but some people may feel that the flavors are too basic. They may want several different kinds to give their pet more variety. However, this may depend on the pet, also.

  • Salmon Entree
  • The next best selling item is their salmon entree food in the can. It is made with salmon, salmon broth, apples, and sweet potatoes. There are also a great deal of vitamins and minerals added to the mixture. Many pets prefer a softer and wetter diet and this will provide that for them. A case of twelve 13-ounce cans retails for about $20, and that is not counting shipping. However not all pets will be fond of fish. Yet, there are other flavors in the canned varieties. You may also buy it in roasted chicken or pork.

  • Honesty Pork Formula
  • This formula is very close to the same as the Honesty Chicken. It provides another choice for your pet to eat. The price is also about the same as the chicken.

Final Comments

As you can see Back To Basics dog food is a nutritious choice. Yet, there are not any Back to Basics dog food products that are designed specifically for puppies and older pets. If you have a puppy or a mature dog, you may wish to find a product that is made for their specific dietary needs.

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