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Avoderm Dog Food

Avoderm dog food is produced by Breeder's Choice pet food, a family owned company. For over 50 years, Breeder's Choice has managed to exceed the minimum nutritional requirements among its dog food products, from its very first dog biscuits and kibbles to today's packaged and canned dog food selections. Recently, Breeder's Choice has been gaining attention for its Avoderm dog food selections. Especially thanks to its avocado dog food selections, the company enjoys steady growth.

Avoderm Dog Food At A Glance

Dog lovers and experienced dog owners are all aware of how important it is to maintain healthy dog skin and coats. Most of the time, the condition of the skin and coat of any particular dog accurately reflects the dog's overall health. Poor skin and coat health can result from dietary inadequacies as well as nutrient imbalances. This explains why Avoderm dog food is focused on caring for your dog's skin and coat.  

Your dog's skin is responsible for many functions that are vital to your dog's survival. It gives your dog the warmth and protection it needs to fight infections, parasites and other major health problems. However, a dog's skin is also subject to the attacks and harm caused by some environmental elements. Avoderm dog food believes that by maintaining healthy dog skin and coat, your dog can enjoy stronger defense against all common causes of diseases and other dog problems.  

The fiber and essential vitamins derived from avocado hold the key to your dog's skin and coat problems. They are proven effective in preventing or improving conditions such as hair loss, dry skin, odors and thinning coats. Avoderm dog food aims to change your dog's diet by using a natural avocado-based meal that delivers an effective way of providing a balanced source of essential nutrients that will give your dog a healthy, thick and shiny coat.  

Avoderm believes that giving your dog the right proportion of nutrients is indispensable in maintaining health. With avocado-based meals, Avoderm provides your dog with vitamin A, a vitamin that helps build a strong defense against skin infection. It is also loaded with vitamin E, which promotes more stable skin cells to prevent seborrhea or dandruff. Protein-rich avocado is also great for your dog's skin, making it less prone to scaling, crusting, acne and mange mites. It contains essential fatty acids that help maintain a shiny coat while giving your dog the right kind of dietary fat.  

Avoderm Products

Here's a brief look at the various formulas available, their first five ingredients, and the average price ranges of each:

  • Avoderm offers premium dry dog food, which is loaded with complete and balanced nutrients that are ideal for all stages of a dog's life:
  • Avoderm premium canned dog food gives you highly digestible dog food formula that is available in chicken and ocean fish variants.
  • Avoderm Lite dry and canned premium dog food selections provide your dog with highly digestible formulas in tasty blends of rice, oats and chicken, at quality that meets the standard canine nutrient requirements.
  • The Avoderm product line includes skin and coat biscuits that feature skin and coat conditioning benefits. They also provide great tasting, healthy training treats.

Final Comments

The cost of Avoderm products varies, so you'll want to research the specific choices that will be good for your dog and also right for your budget. Overall, this quality brand gives you the opportunity to take control of your dog's health by feeding it naturally nutritious and high-quality packaged meals. 

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