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Artemis Dog Food

The makers of Artemis dog food believe so strongly in their product that they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

And they don't qualify that guarantee. They simply state that if you're not satisfied you get all your money back.

Artemis Company was established n 1998 in North Hollywood, California. They believe that proper nutrition is essential for ensuring the welfare of your dog, and they claim to use only the finest sources of meat, fruit, and vegetables. Atemis dog food endeavors to provide quality food that includes all the necessary proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and even helps prevent disease.

Best Reviewed Products

Here are three of the most popular Artemis dog food products, per consumer reviews:

  • Artemis Weight Management Dog Food
  • While this variety isn't entirely grainless, it provides an excellent balance of protein to carbohydrates to promote weight loss or weight management, and it provides a much needed alternative to dog owners who need a weight loss formula but don't want to go totally grainless. In fact, the top four ingredients are meat. Other meat sources farther down the list include dried egg and salmon oil. The customers seem to approve of the high quality grain products like pearled barley and oatmeal. Price: About $29.99 for a 15-pound bag.

  • Artemis Agarx Immune Support Dog Food
  • This variety is one of the many reasons that Artemis Dog Food has been recommended by the Whole Dog Journal for several years. After five years of development, Atemis Company released this formula that helps restore a dog's natural immune system. The same cutting edge research dedicated to boosting human immune systems went into this food. Price: About $30.79 for a 15-pound bag.

  • Artemis Maximal Dog Food
  • This grain free formula is excellent for dogs that need weight management or that have difficulty digesting grain products. It is high in protein and low in fats. For dogs with allergy problems this variety is an excellent choice. Price: About $24.75 for a 15-pound bag.

Final Comments

Artemis is proud of the ingredients of each of their varieties of dog food. Whether it's a senior weight management formula or an immune boosting formula, the makers choose all natural human grade ingredients. And Artemis Company doesn't just serve dogs with special dietary needs. They also make fine all-purpose foods for all of a dog's stages of life.

In evaluating the pros and cons of Atemis Dog Food as compared to similar brands, the customer reviews provide a one-sided, positive picture. And the critics' reviews seem to be similarly positive. In addition to Artemis' thriving online sales, this dog food is available at local retailers in most of its many varieties. Also, when compared to similar quality brands, Artemis dog food doesn't seem to be outside the norm in price.

Artemis dog food covers all the needs of dogs that have particular dietary considerations and require a food that is all natural. It may be equally attractive to those owners who want to feed the freshest, healthiest ingredients to their dogs, but want to stay with a dry formula.

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