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Your Dog Food Comparison Helps You Decide

We provide comprehensive dog food comparisons, ratings, and reviews of all the major brands, like Nutro, Diamond, Purina, Merrick, Science Diet, and Iams. We also review all the lesser-known brands like Flint River Ranch, Blue Buffalo, Artemis, and Halo.

You'll find great information about all the different types of dog food that are out on the market, such as organic, holistic, natural, and raw. You'll also find detailed articles about specific types of dog food for dogs with special health needs, such as high fiber, high protein, grain-free, and diabetic dog food.

Choosing the right dog food for your dog is an important decision, and it can also be an overwhelming one. It can contribute to the overall health and longevity of your pet. Your Dog Food Comparison's goal is to save you time during the research process.

Helping You Find the Right Food For Your Dog...

There is a vast array of dog food on the market today. There are virtually countless dog food brands, as well as countless different types of dog food within each brand. As a consumer, it's easy to get confused and make the wrong decision. Your Dog Food Comparison takes care of all of the homework and eliminates the confusion so that you can make an informed, confident decision.

You will learn more about the pricing on different brands and types of dog foods, and get information that will help you answer some of the top consumer questions:

  • Should I stick with regular, commercial grade dog food or switch to an organic, holistic approach?
  • Is a raw dog food diet appropriate for my dog?
  • Are the most expensive dog foods the best?
  • What types of food are best for my dog with special health needs (high protein, high fiber, diabetic)?

Your Dog Food Comparison has all the ratings, reviews, and rankings you need to help you navigate the overwhelming world of dog food.

Dog Food Review Main Categories

Choosing the best dog food for your dog
As we mentioned, this can be an overwhelming process. Each dog has specific dietary needs. Your Dog Food Comparison simplifies the whole process by ranking different dog foods according to three main criteria.

Dog Food Reviews
In this section, we review high quality dog foods that are not as widely known as the mainstream brands you see everywhere in stores. These brands often score higher with regard to consumer satisfaction, quality ingredients, and bargain prices than the more mainstream brands.

Dog Food Ratings - Narrow down your choices
Our dog food rating system does the homework for you so you don't have to spend too much time and money researching and trying all the different dog foods that are on the market.

Major Dog Food Brands
There are many varieties of dog food brands on the market today. On this page, Your Dog Food Comparison reviews major brands that are fairly easy to find.

Does your dog require a special diet?
Does your dog have special health needs? In this section we review special types of dog foods created for specific dietary needs.

Natural Dog Food - a healthy choice for your dog
Natural dog food is free from unhealthy added ingredients. You can purchase it from many reputable companies or you can make it at home for your dog.

Holistic dog food can be a great preventative health measure
Holistic dog food is not only natural; it is also made to address various health conditions that dogs experience. It often contains antioxidants that aid your dog's immune system.

Organic Dog Food - how is it different from regular dog food?
Organic dog food is made from ingredients that have been processed in a specific way. It is free from bulk fillers that are so common in many other types of dog food. It is often a good choice for dogs with allergies.

Is the raw dog food diet good for your dog?
This section will cover the advantages of a raw dog food diet. It will also discuss whether you should make your own raw dog food or buy it.

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